“And the blood dries, while we spill some more…”



It appears that Roosh is leaving the ‘sphere:


If the comments are to be believed (which I see no reason to doubt), “Bronan” and others will join in him in creating a new fiefdom.

Now, where did we hear this before?


Ah, that’s right:


80–Proof Oinomancy, indeed.



On a less self–congratulatory note:

I’ve always found Roosh to be an engaging case study.

[Please look through my archives; I discuss him more than any other blogger.]

To me, he embodies the Zen journey.

By his own admission, he began as a lonely man spending much of his time online with only other men for company.

Then, traveled the globe seducing women with tenacity, skill and purpose.

Now, he endeavors to be a lonely [in the sense he has precious few peers at his level of experience] man spending much of his time online with only other men for company [again, by his own admission].


While I saw much of his story unfolding [even before he did, in fact], I wish him well.

Truth be told, my prescience regarding him is the very reason I do so.




20 Responses to ““And the blood dries, while we spill some more…””

  1. […] guess everyone outside of the Rooshosphere are just plain old Manosphere or are Red Pill. Of course Ace predicted the splintering of the sphere into fiefdoms. Let me know if I have anything out of place & […]

  2. Here, I made a handy dandy chart explaining the new Rooshosphere:


    /shameless self promotion

  3. From a PUA standpoint, Roosh is about as self-actualized as it gets. But he’s going through player burnout.


    Burnout will happen when there is no love.

    And, one can tell from his writing that Roosh is bored — BORED — with pickup. It’s so acculturated into him; so much a part of his persona; that picking up women for sex is like going to a fast food restaurant — you show up, you pick what you want, you eat it.

    No wonder he’s pulling back.

  4. He’s not suffering from player burnout

    He’s at mid level game, he doesnt even come close to a real PUA, at the top of his game

    Roosh is mid level, the next level for him is to create a rotating LTR harem, this prevents player burnout

    Rotate 2 or 3 long term chicks, & build a social circle, THIS is the next step for Roosh

    If he doesnt build a LTR harem & long term social circle, he’ll never reach the next level in pickup or game

    All the top PUA’s rotate harems & LTR’s & have close long term social circles

    THIS is how you run REAL game

    Only amateurs & mid level PUA’s chase pussy & run numbers constantly like Roosh

    Roissy & Roosh are mid level gamers, theyre game is weak compared to real PUA’s like neil strauss & wayne elise

    • Since your comment was quite civil, I’ve allowed it.

      However, I’d like to mention two things:

      1} I don’t really write much regarding surface Game here, so I’m probably not the best place for your area of specialty.

      2} I have said, many times, I have few readers. If you’d like to comment civilly [as you have, and I am grateful for such], feel free. But know that your hit count won’t raise significantly.

      Sincerest best to you,


      • FYI, i’m only uncivil to mangina’s & white knights

        I posted here because you avoided the current hysteria

        I know you’re not aware of my posting history

        But I really only attack & callout people who irrationality attack mens rights & game

        Somebody has to …

        I really dont get much hits from attacking these guys … lol

        I get alot more hits from my posts on Dalrock & thespearhead

        If you’d simply attacked game, or behaved irrationally, then yes you deserve to be attacked

        In fact expect these people should EXPECT uncivil behaviour, as you call it, for not giving a crap about mens rights, or game in general

        [edited because it’s my “home” and I expect people to respect both myself and my other guests]

      • It’s time to step away from the keyboard, son. Grow up and find your purpose in life; everybody has one. Sometimes, it takes a while to sort it out.

        I don’t know what got you into this agitated state, but get a grip on yourself and stop looking for external enemies to fight. The real conflict is within you.

  5. I’m pulling for Roosh. He represents a lot of males out there today…trying to find something that is real.

    He is starting to see that random women don’t really provide it.

    Male comradely is where you can find it in this world. True friendships are amongst men.

    Perhaps he may even go St. Augustine. You never know.

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  7. YouSoWould Says:

    Roosh is a misogynistic joke. He only scores with ugly women, and sees the world through the taint of his own supressed self-loathing.

    Until the man learns to love women, and love himself, he’s just going to continue spitting acerbic bile.

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