“And you got high on every little game…”


As old as I am and for as many women I’ve had in my life:

I’ve only had three official girlfriends.



See, the wise know:

What sex is for women, commitment is for men.

Making oneself vulnerable in deepest possible way.

Making oneself open to be nothing more than a conquest.

Making oneself, potentially, an accoutrement of status rather than a valued possession.



Sexual acquiescence and emotional investment are the respective coins.

And basest avarice afflicts us all, from time to time.






17 Responses to ““And you got high on every little game…””

  1. I’ve had three official ladies in my life as well.

    We had some fun times…but things ended.

    I got more out of when they ended than the actual relationship.

    The first…I got back in the gym and worked out like an animal.

    The second…I realized that I need to get more with God and put less into my feelings with women. I’ve prayed a rosary everyday since the breakup and it has done more for me than anything in this world.

    The third…made me realize that I can actually dump a woman if I don’t like her.

    • Three is a magick number.

      Everything from Christianity, to the occult, to Schoolhouse Rock says so.

      And they are all correct.

      • The occult seems to love Christianity with as much copying as they do.

        All their symbols come from it…although it takes on the opposite meaning.

        Everytime I see the symbolf of a pyramid with an eyeball on top…I see the trinity with the eye of God watching. I’m sure the people that use it have a completely different meaning for it…but that’s their problem, not mine.

  2. Cool song.

  3. How many have you told that you loved them?

  4. Wise words indeed, Sir.

  5. YouSoWould Says:

    So ingrained in me is the habit of remaining aloof, distant and uncommitted when dealing with women – a habit deeply ingrained in me through countless experiences with Anglicised women – that it’s been a real struggle to open up to my current girlfriend, a dear, sweet, caring feminine girl.

    In direct contrast to the hypergamous harpies of the West, the more I open up to her, and the nicer I am, the more she appreciates me.

    That said, I do not regret my “education” – it is exactly that which will allow me to avoid every single pitfall of losing oneself, and “manning down”, which befall the legions of betas. And it is exactly that whichi will ensure that she is mine for as long as I wish her to be.

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