“… it’s telling me all these things you would probably hide.”



I tell K♦ that the truck was 6♠’s ride here.

K♦ looks at me, as we just pulled into the parking spot next to it.

K♦ knows 6♠ has a jeep, not a truck.

It’s written on K♦’s face:

How could this be his?



Now, I have no knowledge that K♦ does not possess.

So I reply to his quizzical expression:

The mud on it.

The park job.

The bent rear license plate.

Trust me; it’s 6♠’s ride.



K♦ trusts me.

Just not quite enough.

He smiles, saying:

“If it were more beat up, I’d believe you.

Although the plate is a good start.”



We walk the 40 feet to A♦’s place.

I knock on the door.

6♠ opens it, greeting us.

I say:

Hey, nice truck.

6♠ replies:

“Thanks! It’s my Dad’s but, since my jeep is in the shop, I’ve been driving it.”

I turn to throw K♦ my trademarked smirk.

Only to catch him looking down, grinning and shaking his head.



This is why I was the top investigator in my class.

This is why I tell people to not bother attempting to deceive me.

This is why my friend J♦ said:

“If had the same things rattling around in my head that you do:

I’d kill myself.”





5 Responses to ““… it’s telling me all these things you would probably hide.””

  1. The Lucky Lothario Says:

    I love seeing things other people miss. It’s a powerful skill, it helps to have a worldview that most closely aligns with reality.

    I enjoy most seeing little moments of body language that tell the true story, since most people live in a world of wishful thinking they are almost wilfully unaware. The clues are all around us to find the answers that we need. I still miss many.

  2. It is both a gift and a curse to be more aware.

    You can see the truth….and you can see the truth.

    • Earl,

      Your words are eerily similar to my IRL mantra.

      I am blessed with knowing whenever someone lies to me.

      I am cursed by knowing whenever someone lies to me.

  3. […] “…it’s telling me all these these things you would probably hide.”  (Saliva – Always) […]

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