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“And the blood dries, while we spill some more…”

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It appears that Roosh is leaving the ‘sphere:

If the comments are to be believed (which I see no reason to doubt), “Bronan” and others will join in him in creating a new fiefdom.

Now, where did we hear this before?


Ah, that’s right:

80–Proof Oinomancy, indeed.



On a less self–congratulatory note:

I’ve always found Roosh to be an engaging case study.

[Please look through my archives; I discuss him more than any other blogger.]

To me, he embodies the Zen journey.

By his own admission, he began as a lonely man spending much of his time online with only other men for company.

Then, traveled the globe seducing women with tenacity, skill and purpose.

Now, he endeavors to be a lonely [in the sense he has precious few peers at his level of experience] man spending much of his time online with only other men for company [again, by his own admission].


While I saw much of his story unfolding [even before he did, in fact], I wish him well.

Truth be told, my prescience regarding him is the very reason I do so.




“When all the while, a pontiff smile…”

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In response to my prior post, Leap of A Beta wrote:


“Yup. There’s a reason I changed professions to a skilled trade. Personal satisfaction is a real one, but so is a desire to be a valuable asset if shit hits the fan. Society can accept the first, but would disdain me for mentioning that I think the world is going to go to chaos quicker and more drastically than most think it will. So, I’m gaining a skill and getting out of Chicago with it as quickly as I can. I hope in a year to be further South, away from all the stupid pension reforms needed by over unionized north that drains their economic life blood.

I always wonder who will make a feudal warlord that says they will, and who will rise up completely unexpected from the masses.

Times may not be fun in the future, but they certainly will be interesting as a trainwreck.”


To which I say:

“Times may not be fun in the future”


That’s my whole point:

There is no “future”.

There is, as the Taoists say, only “one continuous moment”.

What most expect is not “collapse” but “disaster”.

There is a tremendous, if subtle, difference.

Empires and civilizations do not fall like stones.

They fall like dominoes, neatly arrayed.

It’s called “the cascade effect”.

And you’re simply in the center of cascade.

You, as they say, “can’t see the forest through the trees”.

Which is the entire point of my work here.



Kingdoms fall, the earth revolves
the rain will come this spring
and nothing he could say would change a thing



“The day has come, the day has come…”

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Alan K writes:

“Make no mistake; a dark age is already upon us. It crept in, gradually, and there was no clarion call to man the walls and defend the gate.”

I said a very similar thing a while back here.


All this talk of “the decline” is laughable.

It has already collapsed.

Who goes to church NOW?

Who has an intact family NOW?

Who has a well-paying, secure job NOW?

Precious few.

Our institutions have ALREADY failed and fallen.

Everything you are witnessing now is merely pocket-groups trying to make sense of the chaos.



The coming totalitarian reigime in the Western world will not be “the fall”.

It will be the order following it, imposed by those strong enough to do so.

As it always has been.

And always will be.



Even in our corner, it plays out.

Roissy, Roosh, Rollo, “Bill Powell”, Dr. Illusion, et al, are Feudal warlords.

Each marking their turf, staking claims and testing the bounds of others.

While, ironically, it will end up being Stingray, Sunshine Mary, et al, that form the Byzantine empire.

Breeding an army trumps training one.

As for my part in a story that’s been told before and will be told again centuries from now:

I’ll let clever readers piece it together.






“I want a new tour bus full of old guitars…”

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It’s been a part of my life for more than a decade.

I’ve been in and out of more bands than I care to recount.

(Hang with me, I’m getting somewhere.)



Back when I had my first Federal badge, I’d finish the night shift.

Then get changed, put my sidearm in the locker and head out to the Philadelphia music scene.

[It used to be awesome; this has changed, sadly.]

I did this with such regularity my nickname became “Rockstar”.

Fast forward more years than I’d care to admit—



I’m working for shit money in bad neighborhood at a retail chain with a boring  uniform.

A close friend is going to pick me up the instant I get home, so I buy some cheap clothes at my workplace.

I get changed in the fitting room, drop my glasses in a bag, let my hair down and head out.



Now, keep in mind, I’ve been working there for half a year.

Never has anyone said anything about my appearance.

Yet, I’m no sooner out of the changing room than the girl working the counter says:

“Whoa, fancy!”

As I walk to the exit, more female heads turn.

Even a couple men comment.

One says:

“Damn! You look like like a rock star!”



What am I wearing?

Dark blue jeans.

A black t-shirt with a Batman symbol screenpressed onto it.

My biker boots.

My hair down.

My 5 o’clock shadow.

My keys on silver carbiner.

And I’m not wearing glasses.

That’s it.



The point of this post isn’t to say “clothes don’t matter”.

My point is:

Clothes don’t make the man.

The man makes the clothes.

Own who you are.


“Broken glass and cigarettes…”

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KrauserPUA had a post recently that prompted me to put something I’ve been thinking out there.

Why do people lie on the internet?

I mean, I never do.



I claim no moral high-ground here.

I simply don’t see the point.

I mean, if you’re going to lie:

Lie your way out of a speeding ticket.

Lie your way into a better job.

Dishonesty online is nothing more than mining for pyrite, in my mind.



For me, the internet is a means to be the person I am.

I can be judged for my ideas and the way I treat people.

I like that.



For those that want gory details or desire to “dox” me, in order to hurt me, I’ll save you the trouble:

1} I’m a little overweight.

2} I’m broke and have shitty credit because my appendix burst last year and couldn’t afford all the medical bills.

3} I live in an awful neighborhood and drive an old car because that’s all I can afford.

4} I was fired from my gov’t job for “incompetence” even though I wrote the citizenship test my district uses, pioneered interviewing techniques and had the highest capture rate in my locale.  In a way, they were right. I was “incompetent” in the “office politics” game. I guess I’m lucky; Stalin would’ve had me shot in a ditch.



Now, here are some other facts:

1} While my notch count likely can’t beat Roosh’s, I’ve banged every woman I’ve wanted more than a passing fancy. Every. Single. One.

2} It has taken me 20 minutes to get from one end of a crowded room at a party to the other simply because I had  an “in joke” with all of the attendees.

3} People show up/stay late at places just because they heard I’m going to be there.

4} I appear with the title “the Great” or “the Legend” on some folk’s cell phones when I call.



[With all of this said, I am very much looking forward to Dr. Illusion’s gathering in Las Vegas.

One of the main reasons being:

I’m actually a great deal of fun to be around.

And I’d like people that only know me digitally to see that.]



To me, that’s the value of this blog.

To be the man I am with those who can appreciate it.

I write and share what I do in order to save other men a great deal of suffering.

All I ask in return is:

Remember who spared you the pain.

Since that’s the only difference between a criminal and an outlaw.

Because, in the end, life executes us all.









Per request:

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Doctor Illusion asked for a better photo of me a while back.


I stumbled on this going through some older files on my computer:



That’s me just prior to growing my hair long.


Here’s a photo of a much younger, wealthier man, by comparison:



Hope you enjoy them, Doc.