“So much for all your high-brow, Marxist ways…”






The more educated the women of a society are:


The lower the birth rates.


After all, they are the more pragmatic gender.




See, the problem with educating women isn’t making them smarter


It’s making them more rational.


And once you make them more rational—


They’ll realize what a horror show the continuance of life Truly is.


Thus, they’ll hit the brakes.


And your people will die out.





16 Responses to ““So much for all your high-brow, Marxist ways…””

  1. They’ve always been the pragmatic gender…but men have been effectively brainwashed into thinking they are something more than they are. I know I was…thankfully that has been purged.

    Stay pragmatic in your relations with them…keep the ideal love for God.

  2. It’s making them more rational.

    I disagree. It doesn’t make them more rational.

    It’s not rational to covet a piece of paper over a real education (that any Joe or Jane can get for free from a library).

    It’s not rational to wait till 38 to try to have kids when science is quite clear on what happens when you wait too long (and that they could discover in a library).

    It’s not rational to go into enormous debt to get a piece of paper for a junk education.

    It’s not rational to go into debt for an enormous house with granite counter tops to compete with Sally down the way.

    It’s not rational to pass up sturdy, steady and strong Mr. Plumber who makes plenty to support to good family for Mr Rockstar that she rationally knows will dump her soon.

    It’s not rational to marry Joe Plumber and then take him for as much money as she can and then hope to trade up at 40.

    No. Women do not become more rational. They become greedy. They become manipulative and they use their station as women to twist some semblance of logic onto men to get what they want.

    It is definitely not rational.

    Do I need to end this with NAWALT?

    • Stingray,

      Very well stated.

      This post of mine was hastily constructed by piecing a few thoughts together and putting it out there before I forgot them.

      I most certainly should have thought it through more thoroughly.

      I’ve learned two things from this (and your comment):

      1} I need to revisit this when time allows.

      2} I need to save them as “private” if they are patchwork thoughts hastily combined, as opposed to something that’s been on my mind for at least an hour or two, rather than the 10 minutes this was.

      Many thanks for your input.

      • Ace,

        I save mine in my drafts folders when I want to think on them more. However, something I have discovered, sometimes putting out a quick ten minute thought can produce more discussion as the commenters think it through with you.

        I was a bit stumped in writing my comment because I knew what you were going for but couldn’t quite come up with it myself. “Greedy” is the best I could do, but it doesn’t cover all of it. There is entitlement and hyper-hypergamy as well.

        You take an entitled, greedy (partly fueled by today’s education system**) woman who’s hypergamy is fueled by status and you end up with a lot of the women we have today. Yes, there are those who will say that all women want their man to have status, but that’s not entirely true. There are aspect of masculinity that will trump status every time, most notably strength of will.

        *** I have to wonder, is it educating women that drives this, or is it more of our current system? I wonder if a classical education would create the same? Or, is it an education with the focus of career that causes this?

    • Stingray,

      I’ve thought more about it.

      Now, I stand behind what I wrote more than ever.

      See, while you raise excellent points:

      You are arguing from a point of view that is not only unpopular but anathema.

      Conventional “wisdom” tells them all those things you mention, and more, are patently FALSE.

      The best way I can articulate it is thus:

      You are telling people the earth is round.

      (It is; we know that.)

      But they do not.

      Everything, from highest to lowest, tells them it is flat.

      So they operate from that perspective.

      Therefore, in their world, it’s completely rational to say “Forget kids, I’m going to have money, a career and every day will be a party!”

      “Kids are a drain, a burden, an unnecessary responsibility and I don’t need them to be haaapppppyyyy.”

      Sure, that’s irrational to YOU.

      But you are not even close to the majority.

      And, in a way (in that I have an ally), I’m thankful for it.

  3. Lord Highbrow Says:

    Hey boyo, what’s so funny?

    You wouldn’t like it, too lowbrow.

    No, I’m quite lowbrow!

    Someone wrote a bodily limerick on the mens room wall.

    This I gotta see!

  4. More rational? On what planet?

    Spending your 20’s getting an education (and running up a huge debt) and focused on a career, and then when you turn thirty start thinking about getting married and having children (when your most fertile years are long gone) isn’t rational. It’s 100% ass backwards.

    The time for women to focus on having children is when they are young–when they still have plenty of time (and ability) to do so. Her 20’s.

    The time for a woman to focus on education and having a career is in her mid to late 30’s and beyond.

    Take from an older guy that didn’t graduate from college until his mid-30’s. Life lasts a looooooong time, and there is still plenty of time to peruse a career, climb the corporate ladder, or start your own business after you turn 40 (for those that can’t do the math, you still have a quarter of a century of working life left–25 years–after you turn 40).

    Children and family first, then education and career later in life is the model women would follow IF THEY WERE RATIONAL.

    But nooooo! Women pursue the one thing they could do later in life–a career–early in life, and put off the one they they can’t do later in life: have children. That is not rational.

  5. Stingray took the words right out of my mouth. Both of you make good points about women and education.

    I don’t think college education is making women any more or less rational than they already were because I’ve known plenty of dropouts or HS grads with more sense than, say, holders of Master’s degrees. I’ve seen the reverse as well, but something I’ve noticed among the “educated” is that they’ll rely more on “studies” or the crowd (ie, peers) than they will on common sense. I’m thinking of the SlutWalk crowd who strut about in skimpy clothes, yet decry the “wrong” guys who pay attention to them. They talk about the right to free expression, yet scream at those who say, “Yes, but you might want to reconsider your apparel. They go out to clubs, get wasted, and go home with the “hawt” guy only to call it date rape on the morrow. When the rational minds say, “Perhaps you shouldn’t drink so much,” they whinge and scream about not being told what to do. Common sense tells us skimpy (or unusual) clothes attract attention and alcohol lowers inhibitions as well as thinking abilities. This applies to men and women equally. Stingray noted the entitlement and greed. That is what’s happening here.

  6. I didn’t wanted to make the comment snake with Stingray too long – so I’ll say it here.

    Going to college does several things to a woman:

    1. Takes away 4 (or more with graduate school) valuable years of her life she could use finding a husband, settling down, and starting a family.

    2. Makes her rub shoulders with an obscene amount of men and makes her hypergamic senses more acute because of it.

    3. Gives her the illusion of a raised SMV which causes her to pursue men out of her league, to her eternal frustration, and the chagrin of the beta male she settles with.


    • Wald,

      Completely agree. This is why I think that a classical education far out weighs a college education. One can get a classical education at home and be far more educated than a college graduate that came out with a bunch of modern day liberal arts junk and, if they are lucky, a specific skill set. I understand full well the argument against women going to college for a piece of paper that likely won’t be used, and if she is lucky enough to be able to use it, chances are still quite good that after a few years, she won’t want to any more. However, I think women (and obviously men as well) can definitely benefit from the classic education that teaches facts, logic and rhetoric. Not a dime need to be spent and she will come out light years ahead of her counterparts.

    • Wald,

      Please see my comment to Stingray [above].

      Thanks for your time.

  7. The video is private – here’s a new one.

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