“The judge said ‘This man’s a danger to humanity’…”



Wald from the blog ‘Scar Tissue’ asked me to take part in what he calls:

A Week of Praise

[A week dedicated to affirming the goodness of True femininity]



At first, I was thrilled by the thought of it.

It’s a positive, well-intended direction in which to head.

With a worthwhile goal at the end.

But then I reconsidered.



Not out of “misogyny” or other such nonsensical accusations.

Rather, how could I compete?

The preponderance of great art was/remains about/dedicated to women.

The successes of modern civilization were mostly to provide greater comfort/saftey to women.



Can I write Anna Karenina?

Or compose Für Elise?

Or build Buckingham Palace?



And a week of praise?

Contrary to the lies we’re fed every day in hearty spoonfuls –

Art, literature, and countless other works of Man have praised women for age upon age.

Crack a classic book, Grimm’s Fairy Tales or listen to an opera.

The feminine woman is sung of to a degree I could not hope to match.



See, a man shows his love with his work.

Rather than his explanations.

While a woman shows her love with her sacrifices.

Rather than what she has.



Not to mention, in this climate:

Praise is next to meaningless.

Women, on the whole, either write it off or view it with suspicion.

The tragedy being, not that men fail to appreciate them-

But that women fail to appreciate themselves and what men do for them.

(That’s the paradox of Feminism = Despise and deride the feminine in women while tearing down masculinity in men.

What a hideous, destructive world-view it is.)



I’ve written songs, poems, stories and letters for women I’ve adored.

Thus, I’m by no means shiftless.

However, I know and appreciate my value, too.

So I invest it carefully, intentionally and with a great deal of discretion.



That’s how an outlaw loves.

Because, frankly

He has no other choice.





4 Responses to ““The judge said ‘This man’s a danger to humanity’…””

  1. theshadowedknight Says:

    Yes, it truly is a destructive worldview. You correctly note that men build and create for our women. This is the dynamic that gives rise to the false notion of women as civilizers. They confuse what men do for their women as what women do. They do not realize that the converse is also true.

    Men without women to love will destroy. They will raze cities, burn them to the ground and smash the foundations. Without a woman, men do not have cause to restrain themselves. We gain our immortality through our children, thus through our women. With no tomorrow, men live for today.

    Every women who you see tattooed and pierced, fat and bitchy, is another chance at the man who will light the fires and break out the crowbar and sledgehammer. Ace, you are a gambling man; what are those odds?

    The Shadowed Knight

    • TSK,

      Outstanding comment.

      No doubt.

      “Men without women to love will destroy.”

      That is, certainly, all too often a reality.

      As for gambling:

      If you’re asking me to bet on things going well at this rate, I’ll throw a chip on the table for shits and giggles.

      But if you’re asking me to bet on it all burning to the finest of ashes:

      I’m pushing everything to the center of the table

      And going all in.

  2. I’ve learned that words don’t mean much. If I do any praising…it is usually in a mocking manner (or the classic neg if you will).

    If I want to praise a woman doing it right…I give her my attention.

    But to give you some insight…lately my attention has been going into learning more about how Jesus lived, lifting heavy weights at the gym, going at a punching bag, trying different hard alcohols, and giving support to fellow men. It’s a weird mix of embracing self-destruction for the purposes of bettering myself.

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