“What she said was not for the job or lover that she never had…”





Let’s not laugh the above image off so readily.

Instead, let’s consider a few facts first:

1} Women want men in the top teirs of status most of all.

2} Women fear rejection far more than men do (for myriad reasons).

3} It’s so common as to be a trope that “chicks dig jerks”.

4} Women, being inherently solipsistic, “project” far more frequently than men.

5} Women are far more “risk averse/avoident” than men.



With all of the above firmly in mind:

Read the image’s words again.

However, this time, reverse the genders.




Having done that, let us think about “strong, independent women”, single mothers’ to thugs’ children, careerist gals with average/subaverage looks, truly bizarre women on dating sites, abrasive women with weak-willed men, lelf-loathing girls with abusive men, et al.

I’d be curious to see how many women would feel as though a chord had been struck deep within them.

I know of one, already.




16 Responses to ““What she said was not for the job or lover that she never had…””

  1. Testament to the strength of your message – the wording of the image sounds a little funny, for lack of a better word, in its current form.

    When one reverses the genders as you advise, it makes complete sense.


  2. you posted the Smiths. you bastard.

    as for this blogger, i’ve never been afraid of climbing trees, and if a woman can’t climb, she’ll never find me.

    “….all the rejection that she’s had.”
    “….she’s hoping for an early death.”
    “….it took a tattoo’d boy from birkenhead to really open her eyes.”
    and she needs to cling to something.


  3. It’s really hard to climb tress when you are weighed down by a lot of cocks and obesity.

  4. haahahahahahahahaha….

    the second one, well… a man hating creep like Amanda Marcotte would say that is a Nice Guys ™ rant…

    (all while her syncophants Hugo Scumbag and David Fucktrelle run behind hoping she will peg them with her blood splattered strap-on.)

    there’s a reason why MGTOW’s are the most hated bunch. they are actually calling femmies out on their BS…

    • SWAB,

      While both sides could pick holes in either phrasing:

      Facts support my version far more than the original.

      Side note: I don’t hate MGTOW’s.

      Never have; likely never will.

      In fact, I tried to join the forum but they were closed to membership, at the time.

      I’d like to get a better understanding of them.

      • you don’t need an understanding of what other men do, you can GO YOUR OWN WAY as an individual choice. And I didn’t mean to say you personally hated MGTOW but that femmies and traditionalists sure do…

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  6. Well – hope you don’t mind, but I pirated the graphic and put it up on the most un Red Pill site in the world – Tumblr. If it gets noticed at all, I don’t think there will be lots of agreement.

    BTW, I agree, it makes so much more sense once you switch the genders. Calling Men/Boys lazy – hell, society better hope we don’t get too lazy – because if all the mules go on strike, who’s going to pull the plow.

  7. Lord help women should most men become aware of their own value.

    Indeed. We would have to actually start noticing what men like in women and attempt to bring that to the table.

    I don’t know, I think that might be good for women in some ways. I can think of ways that it would be scary and awful, too, of course.

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