“… because you know sometimes words have two meanings.”



This evening, Wald [from the blog ‘Scarred Tissue’], said to me in an instant message:

“The beauty of your game is that you speak as a man in his forties with 20 years of experience. Maturity wise, you could be 60.”



Last night, Doctor Illusion said to me:

“Other blogs talk about changing the oil and doing tune ups. You talk about rebuilding the engine from the ground up.”



Additionally, I had the following dialogue with Matt from ‘The 3 Bromigos’ a few days prior:

@The_3_Bromigos – Matt, if you’re not a fan of my blog – that’s cool. But I ask you read it again a year or more from now.

@whiskeyandashes – What makes you say that mate?

@The_3_Bromigos – Because I Truly believe, down the road, you’ll find it useful.

[ https://twitter.com/whiskeyandashes/status/419612633663168512 ]



Why do I share all of this?

For an important, if simple, reason.

Once a certain perspective is achieved by the reader:

My work is tremendously powerful.



If you’ve been following me – diligently or half-heartedly – for six months or more:

Return to my old posts.

Especially ones you’ve read.

Peruse them with new eyes.



If you’ve been traveling the path with the intent of gaining experiences of varied sorts and attempting to awaken from a long period of mental slumber:

What you’ve read before will take on a new life.



Meaning will exist where it once seemed absent.

Cryptic passages will be mere statements.

And vaguenesses will become wisdom.

[I’ve been doing this for a decade.

I know of which I speak.]



If not:

Travel on.

I’m waiting for you by the roadside ahead.




9 Responses to ““… because you know sometimes words have two meanings.””

  1. I will say this:

    Not only are your posts like this…I’ve seen this in other areas of my life. Songs that didn’t mean anything to me as a kid…have a deeper meaning. TV shows I grew up watching as a kid…have a different meaning. I honestly don’t know how a man could ever grow bored if he is pursuing higher meaning in his life. Everyday is a new adventure.

  2. Seen this a lot here and many other places throughout my life. ‘Once a certain perspective is achieved by the reader:

    My work is tremendously powerful.’ Simply Magnificient.

  3. Also a little off subject…enjoyed this tweet.

    “It’s unsurprising the woman that has the most power to influence me is the most submissive one currently in my life.”

    I agree…the woman I know to be this was the best at being submissive. And she has got more out of me than any of the others.

  4. Two years ago, I had no knowledge of this world of Men – didn’t even know it existed – if I did, I might have been able to save my marriage, but what I truly believe would have happened, is that I would have accepted it’s demise much sooner and with much more clarity.

    A little over a year ago, I began reading the various blogs and forums – being a fairly intelligent Man and with a few years of life under my belt – what I read made sense.

    I believe it takes a while, much like climbing to a high point and giving yourself a wider view. But like any journey, once you climb to that higher spot, you see there are many more valleys, vistas and mountains ahead.

    I have no illusions about where I stand today. Awareness provides some level of “where you are” – I still make lots of mistakes, I’m still working through my Nice Guy issues, there is still lots of things to learn going forward. All I can do is continue the journey, working on becoming the best Man I can be – for myself and my kids.

    We are all a work in progress.

  5. I asked you like that because I thought you took offence to the fact that I’ve not been commenting on your blog or something! It just came out of the blue and thought somehow I’d offended you!

    • Matt,

      I took no offence at all.

      My thought process was:

      Maybe I’m among those he feels he finds redundant.

      It’d be understandable, no doubt.

      So l should mention this, just in case.

  6. Yes. Quiet, deep wisdom surprises you with how quietly and deeply it seeps into your life.

    You never stop feeling like a fool.

    Which is probably better for gaining more of it.

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