“And I will plead no contest if loving you’s a crime…”




I wish I could say this letter was planned.

But it wasn’t.

Sadly, like so many things, it simply manifested – like a distorted Venus – from a pool of lamentable circumstances.



Now, you take a lot of flak in this corner of the internet.

Rightly or wrongly; fairly or unfairly apportioned.

Regardless, it’s fired your way.



Needless to say, you claim it comes from bitterness and envy.

To be fair, you’re correct.

But I get the sense you don’t really understand the root cause.

As I’ve said a million times – and will until I die:

You’re right for all the wrong reasons.

And that’s worse than being wrong.



See, you hear countless numbers of us berating you for your “single mother status”.

Naturally, you interpret that as:

We’re just jealous of what another man got.

However, exactly what is it he got that elicits these feelings in us, do you think?

I’m guessing you think the answer is “sex”.



Of course, that’s part of it, certainly.

But, as usual, you sell yourselves short.

It runs deeper (for quite a few of us, I’d gladly wager).



The complete answer is:

We’re jealous that some thug/deadbeat got your awe.

Your desire.

Your surrender.

Your ability to grant a legacy.



In short, we’re not jealous of what those men got, really.

We’re crestfallen at what we were denied.



The Truth that you refuse to see – whether by deed or denial –  is that many of us wanted a child.

A wife.

A family.

A loving extension of who we are and what we do.

And you – with the power to choose – didn’t choose us.



To make matters worse, no one is happy.

We aren’t.

Plus, by all indications, neither are you.

[It’s one thing to suffer.

It’s another to suffer needlessly.]



So the next time you curse your “baby-daddy” for being late to pick up the children you tumultuously share, as you stare at the empty street:

Remember, there are many men that would have gladly driven it home to you and the little ones he sired.

Because those men sure as Hell do.

And if it makes you angry or breaks your heart:

Well, now you understand.





23 Responses to ““And I will plead no contest if loving you’s a crime…””

  1. Sadly, like so many things, it simply manifested – like a distorted Venus – from a pool of lamentable circumstances.

    This is gold mate. Pure gold.

    Not that the rest of your post isn’t great, but that is some evocative and distressing imagery right there.

    Sadly, while I think that women can know, they can never truly understand.

  2. Painful post…but most truthful ones are.

  3. theshadowedknight Says:

    In the end, we are all just chalk lines on the concrete.

    Wanting to leave behind more than dust and memories when we go…

    When we cannot leave a life behind us, to carry on after us.

    When death is all you face, all you know.

    That is the advice you are given, is it not? “Stick with what you know.” Terrifying to behold, once the scope becomes clear.

    The Shadowed Knight

    • “Terrifying to behold, once the scope becomes clear.”

      Most Truths are.

      Which is why I’ll never be very popular.

      • theshadowedknight Says:

        What prophet ever has been? It is not a coincidence that they were wild men that lived in the wild places of the world.

        Women are empowered by their ability to deceive. They gain their power from how they present reality.

        Men are empowered by their ability to see truth. They alter reality to make their truths.

        So keep at it, Ace, and keep changing the world.

        The Shadowed Knight

  4. This is great great stuff.

  5. we also have to endure whatever it is you two did together each and every time we see this guy (these guys). I have made the same, “you think you won because she picked you SECOND?!?(eighth, fiftenth…) Do you have any idea what I did to that thing?!?” look. And I am not willing to be on the receiving end of that. Any woman who will be known as “my girl” will not bring that with her.

    For me LTR worthy is a real shot at marriage, if it has no shot at marriage, then LTR is not worth it. That turns the Long Term Relationship into a Long Term Rental – and nobody buys a rental.

    The rest of the uppy-downy type girls are the bingo balls of life. They get snatched out of the whirlwind, and held for a moment, then thrown back into the mixer.

    • En-Sigma,

      “They get snatched out of the whirlwind, and held for a moment, then thrown back into the mixer.”

      Love that wording.

      Very well phrased.

  6. Well done, sir.

  7. It is all the more sad that women nowadays are so short sighted that they can’t realize their mistake until it is too late.

    No one in the mainstream will help them – if fact they lie to them because of the intra-sex competition.

    In today’s war of the sexes, it is not women versus men. It is man against man versus woman against woman.

    In today’s war – nobody wins. There is no winner, just those who are left.


  8. Ace … this is topic we haven’t explored on our little talks, but it is something that is worth exploring.

    As I’ve told you, I love my (x)wife, but if I had to choose to save my children or my wife – I would always choose my children. Not because she left, not be because we are divorced, but because they are the piece of me that can go on, to change the world, to create ripples in time after I’m gone.

    I know that wasn’t part of your post, but part of the discomfort with single mothers would my constant thought of … those are not my children … you could love them, you could raise them, they will never be yours in the sense of true biological/genetic code – and at the basest level, you know it.

    Personally, I think single mothers have one of the toughest jobs in the world – it’s a razor’s edge of giving time to someone else (their children) and being true to their nature (hypergamy). I’ve told my oldest son this … “I hope it doesn’t happen, but the biggest heart break in your world will be when your mother chooses another man over you” … he’s 18, and it has already happened.

    Ace … fight those fucking demons, I’m cheering for your angels.

    • Tin Man,

      “Ace … fight those fucking demons, I’m cheering for your angels.”

      More thanks than you’d ever guess.


      • One thing I realized this week, in a very subtle way, we all have a cheering section – just that sometimes we show up at the wrong stadium.

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  10. Good post, man.

    We wait for them at the bottom of the cliff they threw us from. Welcome to nowhere, ladies.


    No Rings for Sluts ™

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  12. Brilliant post.

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