“I know, John. I do know.”

Watch the following video. 


All of it. 


No cheating.





Sexual conquests are fine distractions.


But they amount to little, if anything, in the end.


Jobs will come and (in the world, this age) go without supplying meaning in any measurable quantity.


And popularity, like the bright, warm season it is, shall pass.


What matters is a man’s mission. 




It is paramount.


It is the flag around which allies gather.


The beacon that guides love to oneself in the darkness.


An inspiration and focal point for loyalty.


It is purpose, goal and legacy all in one.




Looks will fade.


Muscles will weaken and atrophy.


The mind will slowly unravel until, like a clockwork spring, reaching the end of its efficacy.


Ironically, in an era when life-extension is more possible than ever, decay is even more present.




Yet mission accomplishments, and the opposite side of its coin – legacy, are as close a man can come to immortality.


From a certain perspective, it may even be the best way.


As it allows both the memory and soul to endure.


Find a new home.


And, perhaps, a new objective.







5 Responses to ““I know, John. I do know.””

  1. That was a mix of comedy and tragedy that would make Shakespeare himself tear up from its brilliance.

    Ben Sira said much the same thing over two millennia ago:

    12 Have regard for your name, since it will remain for you
    longer than a thousand great stores of gold.
    13 The days of a good life are numbered,
    but a good name endures for ever.

    (Sirach 41:12-13)

  2. This post is going to take a while to sink in.

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