“She’s afraid of a light in the dark…”






It’s elemental warfare.


Men are fire.


Women are water.


And these days, Prometheus’s gift confuses females more than ever.


If for no other reason than their lack of familiarity with it.




See, like fire, masculinity can create and destroy.


It brings light.


It brings warmth.


It brings a lack of shelter, by razing such to ashes.


It brings death by agonizing burns.




This dearth of touching enough stoves causes women to seek out (due to their fondness for extremes) either the smoldering embers.


Or the dangerous conflagrations.


Rare is the lady that sees the spark as what is:


A gift when properly handled.




The ultimate irony here is, in this primordial conflict, is that women are given the advantage.


(Indeed, far too many have drowned in what should be a comforting bath.)


As water, they’ve the power to quench the flame far more easily than their opposition can reduce them to steam.




However, should the ideal balance be struck:


She confines him to the point of utility and safety.


While he boils her enough to power the engine that is the family and its greatest extension:








9 Responses to ““She’s afraid of a light in the dark…””

  1. […] “She’s afraid of a light in the dark…” […]

  2. Ace, this one is great. Poetry in motion as they say. Fire and Water – and the key for water to put out a flame is perfect. How many Men burned brightly – women came from far and wide to see the mere brightness of it – but at it’s brightest, he choose one – and at the moment, the water slowly trickled, and began to reduce the bright flame.

    The thing that attracts, is the thing that has to be smothered.

    Great stuff my Man!! We will get together soon.

    I wrote one day about RISK – let me know what you think about it.

  3. Nice to see you posting again.

  4. Some have become bored of civilization and are looking for a way out of the cycle of rinse and repeat. The next 200 years will be interesting beyond words.

  5. “As water, they’ve the power to quench the flame far more easily than their opposition can reduce them to steam.”

    Reminds me of the old parable about the Wind and Sun competing to get the man to remove his jacket.

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