“Was it life I betrayed, for the shape that I’m in?”






I had a great time speaking with Beppo Venerdi; he covered much of my past and my ideas.



Here, Matt Forney asks me a great deal about my writing.


Its style, its origins and its goals.





Both interviews are worth a listen as they complement one another extremely well.



I hope you enjoy the duo.






4 Responses to ““Was it life I betrayed, for the shape that I’m in?””

  1. […] “Was it life I betrayed, for the shape that I’m in?” […]

  2. joelwatchman Says:

    You send me an e-mail in which you answered my mail about not having kindle but wanting to buy your book.I didn’t get the e-mail. I just got the notification that you answered it.

    Date: Mon, 18 May 2015 01:24:38 +0000
    To: joel1@live.nl

  3. Just heard someone playing Cold from their truck as they passed me on the street yesterday – literally the only time, ever, that I’ve heard someone else listening to them. Then I stumble across this post from 3 years ago, featuring a Cold song, today…

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