“…heroin drip, no more so…”






I’ve written, a few times, about the rupturing of my appendix and its repercussions on me.


The pain.


The abject agony.


But, most of all, the beauty and wonder of Dilaudid (Hydromorphone Hydrochloride).




With all of the above firmly in mind, I’m compelled to say that the song accompanying this post wrenches a bitter smile from me.


While listening to it, I think of how I was a (barely) functional alcoholic for at least five years.


[Selena Gomez: “I know I’m acting a bit crazy…”]


While carefully perceiving every lyric, I reminisce on what a joy the drug they pumped into me twice a day was.


[“…strung out, a little bit hazy…”]




Even now – sipping whiskey and dragging off of a cigarette –  as the song pulses through my headphones, thinking on how many would say I never learn and how my behavior is self-destructive.




Downright foolish.


[“… hand over heart I’m prayin’, that I’m going to make it out alive…”]




Yet, simultaneously, her words have ~239,509,552 views.


~1,606,708 “likes”.


As most reading this are inclined to think I’m a pathetic excuse for an adult.


[“Save your advice, ’cause I won’t hear


you might be right, but I don’t care.


There’s a million reasons why I should give you up…”]


Thus, I state, in a pleading and shaking voice:


My veins want what they want.






Just kidding.


Even I don’t buy my bullshit reason.


Funny how many buy her’s.






7 Responses to ““…heroin drip, no more so…””

  1. […] “…heroin drip, no more so…” […]

  2. She isn’t expected to bear any responsibility for her choices. Any suggestion of such may produce FeelBad. In the Magic Kingdom nothing must stand between Butterfly and Bug Zapper.

    Anything to burn up those magically profitable 15 years as quickly as possible. Then it doesn’t matter anymore.

    At least a man can rebuild.

  3. josh stone Says:

    And let’s not forget that “the heart wants what it wants” was Woody Allen’s response the criticism that he was boning his stepdaugher.

  4. […] most recent post got me thinking about the human heart. The obvious verse from Scripture that my mind was drawn […]

  5. Modsquad Says:

    She’s mistaking her heart for her ovaries.

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