“There ain’t no one to blame for how I am; it was me, alone, who chose…”






I’ve had quite a few friends over the years.


Sure, much of it is due to the fact that, in person, I’m very charismatic.


But, Truth be told, nigh on every single one of them has confessed they ride with me because, as one of them articulated succinctly:


“I always know where I stand with you.”




Another man phrased the same sentiment thusly:


“I’ll never find my girlfriend in your bed or your knife in my back.


You’ll look me in the eye as you stab me, if you ever do.”




Even men who’ve never met me face to face get the same impression.


@beppo_venerdi said of me when closing his podcast:


“Ace is a real straight shooter.”




Women get the same sense, too, in their own way.


One woman stated:


“I love you because you’re genuine. 


Whether you’re grumpy or nice – it’s real.”




@aliceteller voiced a similar feeling:


“I much prefer an honest sinner to those who insist on rewriting all traditional morality to suit themselves.”




Her words struck a particular chord within me as a my Roman Catholic priest friend of many years once told me:


“I don’t know if I abhor the fact you sin knowingly or respect it.”


It is his statement which brings me to my point.




There will be times in life (many, in fact) when you will do wrong.


You’ll not only do such, but do it with full knowledge aforethought.




Now, I certainly will never condone – let alone encourage – sin, but I must say this:


If a man’s got to sin, then it’s best he sin boldly.


Don’t twist it by tortured reason.


Don’t leap around it with mental gymnastics.


Aim the gun; pull the trigger.




Men may excuse you for doing what needed doing.


Women may forgive you since you made the situation yours.


Thus, finding your way clear.




However, alone in the moonlight or just you and the bottle—


admit the Devil won this round.


And pray God gives you another chance at getting it right.






6 Responses to ““There ain’t no one to blame for how I am; it was me, alone, who chose…””

  1. […] “There ain’t no one to blame for how I am; it was me, alone, who chose…” […]

  2. All we can do, is all we can do.

    The honest sinner doesn’t deny what sin is. The wicked are like fish, they don’t know they’re wet. That’s the difference.

    Our dying world languishes under the Devil’s psychotic middle management, and God allows it. This place is a crucible, a love refinery. I had to accept that, or lose my mind. Only that which is True will remain.

    Our idealism died before we did. Compared to the poor kids who got fed to the guns last century I guess we’re lucky.

    • JD,

      Great minds Truly think alike.

      Were you here, I’d look you in the eye and say:

      The WWI analogy is what I use most when thinking of things such as this.

      Stay well.

      • The Great War is a gold mine of analogies. Naive men being fed to a meatgrinder; hollow-eyed veterans returning with tales of the reality up the road. Whole streets missing their men. Suffragette White-Feather media shaming the reluctant for not rushing to sign up. Conscription preferred to a change in strategy. Mossy-backed conservative Red Tabs sitting in chateaux directing the effort over Brandy and Cigars. Elites profiting handsomely.

        Nothing new under the sun.

        I would greatly enjoy that conversation, sir. Come the day, first three rounds of plonk are on me.

  3. […] “If a man’s got to sin, then it’s best he sins boldly” […]

  4. Since you’re often cryptic with your words, I’ll give my hand at the same.

    “What this post boils down to is both consistency and viscosity.”

    How did I do?


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