“Let me see you stripped down to the bone…”





Some time ago, reader Chad commented:


“… its clear you write for people seeking wisdom. Please don’t stop or change that, it is what makes you a delight to read.”


First, let me express my gratitude to him for saying so.


Thank you, Chad.


Second, I’d like to articulate exactly why I write and post what I do (forgive me if I repeat myself here).




See, there are plenty of sites, blogs and forums that discuss PUA tactics, bodybuilding, moneymaking possibilities, et al.


What is absent (in this glutted – if small – market of ours) is a fundamental, yet macro, perspective.


In short, the physics behind the engine that men wish to utilize.




Certainly, on occasion, I give specific techniques.


“Actionable advice”.


Templates or courses of action.


But, mostly, I try to present the most basic drives that spin the world – and those upon it – in the direction they do.




Sure, I could hold your hand.


But, in the long run – or even the intermediate run – what good would that do you?


Lines and actions that work for me won’t necessarily work for you.


You would, in fact, outgrow this site and my advice rather quickly (should you implement such), at best.


Or, at worst, think me a fool that provides little to no value.


Therefore, I write what I write.




Now, why is it in the style that I’ve chosen?


Two reasons:


1} The cryptic nature of it often causes the reader to work for the knowledge contained within. 


And one values more that which one struggles to obtain.


2} The cryptic nature also prompts further reflection after implementation.


Causing the nuances to become clearer and more personal.


Thus providing greater efficacy when utilized. 




That being said, these factors will prevent me from becoming popular in a world of quick fixes and instant solutions.


But I’m not here for popularity.


I’m here for you.


I’m here for me.


Most of all—


I’m here forever.








10 Responses to ““Let me see you stripped down to the bone…””

  1. […] “Let me see you stripped down to the bone…” […]

  2. El Chapo Urban Says:

    Technical success procedures don’t cut it.

    The right combination of cryptic words helps men see the Truth for themselves (if they are ready for it…if not…then no words can help them).

  3. […] “In short, the physics behind the engine that men wish to utilize.” […]

  4. Quick fixes and instant solutions may buy some time for the man on the brink of divorce. They may give the young man a taste of the life he sees a few “lucky” men leading. Without understanding however, the fall may just be that much greater when it inevitably comes.

    I’m here for an education. Arguably the most important education a man can obtain in this world. How many giants have been brought low for a lack of it!

  5. I came to the manosphere to learn how to act.

    I stayed around to learn how to live.

    I wrote to learn how to think.

    And I left to learn how to be quiet in teaching others before I know I’ve grasped the lesson

    And so, I seek God, to participate in His strength and wisdom as a man, and I follow Him where ever that takes me.

    As always, thanks for the ride Ace

    • Chad,

      You are quite welcome.

      Your words and attention help keep me posting and sharing.

      Please never forget your contribution in all of this.

      Stay well,


  6. http://freedompowerandwealth.com

    We are all going to different processes. Some lear quicker than others, but only the dullest will never learn anything at all.

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