“…but I think there’s much more to the Truth…”






Another excerpt from my forthcoming release The Holistic Guide to Suicide:


See, the problems remain; only you will have gone. A deceased relative will still be dead. A cheating lover will still be in the arms of another. A soul-crushing job will simply be occupied by another desperate person. A debt will still be owed to a bank. You’re just simply out of reach of any of them. Which isn’t really – at its core – what you want. You want the problem gone or to be a new person (without the problem). Death has been chosen simply because the problem seems insurmountable and a third option appears unavailable. As I said: it is a surrender, not a solution.

Now, this would be the point where many would further their assault on the poor choice that is death (surrender) by saying, “It’s a coward’s way out!” To be perfectly, brutally honest: they’re wrong. If suicide is for cowards then there are an awful lot of brave folks that are somehow unable to muster the courage to tell a waiter he got their order wrong. So let’s put that platitude/nonsense back into the cheap box from which is was never requested to be taken.

Although we’ve put away the accusation of cowardice, do not believe this renders physical self-annihilation a good idea. Cutting one’s toenails with electric hedge-trimmers is still a bad idea, even if one discounts the argument that it raises the utility bill.


I sincerely hope it is of interest to many.





4 Responses to ““…but I think there’s much more to the Truth…””

  1. I’d say this is turning out very well, amigo.

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