“I’ve been busy counting every drop of rain…”






I received a review of my book from an individual that bought a PDF copy from me directly.


Since it contains minor profanity and isn’t attached to a verified Amazon purchase, he sent it to me.


I share it with you (unedited to preserve his voice), dear readers, to give you some things to expect (or not) from The Holistic Guide to Suicide,


I honestly wish this guide was available in my youth as it would of answered many questions that I had which my parents, teachers, and other authority figures would not and did not answer. This guide would have provided those tools that I needed dealing with my problems in my youth and teenage years. Instead of platitudes from my family like my overly religious aunt “Well, we all have our cross to bear” or her “Don’t be afraid to die you will be in the arms of the lord.” She told me that one when I was five years old when my mother was going through the divorce. Or from my stepfather “Shit or get off the pot, you just need a swift kick in the ass” Or my mother, “Why can’t you be normal, I think your depression is a way of punishing us.” Also for the record, “just count backwards from 10 and just let your depression go” does not work for all of us.  


First. and for most, The Holistic Guide to Suicide is not a guide on how to kill yourself in the least painful method. Second, The Holistic Guide to Suicide is not a book it is, in my opinion, the equivalent of Martin Luther nailing his Ninety-five Theses of 1517 to the Church doors. In this case The Holistic Guide to Suicide has been nailed to the doors of a modern society, which honestly, is more like a madhouse that we all reside in. There will be those that will decry this guide, I will be surprised if some of them actually read it first,  but I will state this now: they have an agenda that does not include helping you get out of your depression whereas this guide will help you.


This guide was not written to be a in-depth explanation of the situation you find yourself. Instead, it should be viewed as the pamphlet you should of been reading when you got on-board an aircraft so that you know what to do in the event of in flight mishap and resulting crash. Or at the least, as you fumble for it after a crash, it will give you the instruction you need to open the emergency door and save yourself and others.  This guide will give you a map, instructions, and the basic tools with which to extricate yourself from your depression or help another with theirs. The problems of modern society are simplified and clearly stated and the author is not pulling numbers from thin air as the books and studies he are cited if you wish to dig deeper into the causes. 






One Response to ““I’ve been busy counting every drop of rain…””

  1. It isn’t healthy to be well-adjusted to a sick society. Nothing more disheartening than to see the number of people who revel in it.

    But they have their reward now. We’re walking the craggy path to ours, and their pyre will illuminate our last hundred yards to the summit.

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