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“Sent a letter on a long summer day…”

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I plan to begin posting twice a month (at least, though I’ll try to do so weekly).


As far as book releases go:


I’ve two currently in the works.


Don’t Start Clapping: A Survival Manual for The New Dystopia


And a fictional horror project for Halloween. 


My sincerest best to you all.







“… trying to be me, oh, it ain’t easy…”

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Recently, I was asked by a reader if I had any posts regarding a woman “ghosting” and how to cope  with it.


I thought a moment, swiftly realizing:


I do not.


So, dear readers, here it is.




What should a man do, exactly, when a woman “flakes”, “ghosts” or otherwise fades into relational shadow when he was of the opinion that she was interested/involved/invested?


My answer:


Clean your home.




Break out the dust-rags and vacuums. 




No, I’m being neither humorous nor flippant.


See, there’s only two possibilities here:


1} She is legitimately unable to communicate (which, to be perfectly honest, is unlikely but very possible).


2} She’s lost interest.




What can a man do about either?




Accept it.


Like it or not.


And get your house in order.




Trying to get her attention – at this juncture – is a fool’s errand.


She’ll either write you off as desperate (at best) or creepy (at worst).


So take care of yourself.


Sanitize your surroundings.


Freshen (in every sense of the word) your environment.




There’s no downside to this course of action.


1} It clears the path for friends and visitors, new and old.


2} It helps clear your own head.


3} It prevents you from hating yourself and your station, if only a little, that much more.


4} It keeps you from obsessing over mistakes, missteps and self-doubt.


5} Lastly, and importantly, it keeps you from digging the hole between you and she even deeper.




Thus, get to work and let her go… to flee or return.


Take care of you.


Because, as a man, no matter how much you’d wish differently—


No one else will.