“After I count down three rounds…”






This week’s work has already been posted.


But I realized, going through the archives a bit, that I never did my usual gratitude post for New Years.


So here it is.




Tremendous appreciation to those of you that purchased ‘The Holistic Guide to Suicide’ [currently working on a slightly revised edition].


Putting your hard-earned money – in these times most of all – is something I do not take lightly.


Not to forget, the simple wordless statement that you want to see more from me.


Thank you, all.




Also, many deep and sincere thanks to all of you that have commented so outstandingly.


Especially in the last month or two.


If I did not/don’t delve deep into your comment:


Understand that I think it’s spoken well enough on its own.


And I don’t need to be right.


I just need the Truth.


Regardless of who provides it.







4 Responses to ““After I count down three rounds…””

  1. A♠,

    You’ve built the online equivalent of a smoky downstairs speakeasy. It’s got good music and the wisest bartender in the western world. Keep slinging and we’ll keep coming back, man.

    Hope we all hoist a few IRL someday. Judging from your visitors it’d be quite the evening.

    • JD,

      I’ve said many times and I’ll say again:

      I Truly believe my readers are the best around.

      No doubt in my mind.

      Deepest thanks for your kind words and a meet-up would be tremendous.

      Stay well,


  2. […] can’t tell you how perfect I find ► JD’s comment ◄ to […]

  3. I don’t need to be right. I just need the Truth. Regardless of who provides it. – ♠


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