“…my shine wore off as time wore on…”






Those readers that have followed this blog for any significant length of time will note that I constantly, relentlessly and unashamedly tout the importance of men living for themselves.


Placing their needs, interests (other than women) and wants (again, other than women) above all else.


The reason for this is twofold:


1} This is the straightest path to satisfaction and self-respect.


2} This is the healthiest path to acquiring female companionship.


Additionally, it’s why I am a serious proponent of ► being yourself ◄.


Since this is the surest path to becoming exceptional.


After all, a Truly self-actualized man cannot be accurately duplicated.




As a wise woman once brilliantly articulated to me:


“Women want the exception.


Men want the rule.”




Realize, “nice guys” aren’t rebuffed because they’re nice, per se


They’re rebuffed because they are commonplace.


A world of police, firefighters, government handouts and obsequious  men cause villains and cads to become exceptional, simply by default.


Men find it a Herculean task to attract a woman for so many reasons but the largest contributor is the basic fact that – due to television, internet and a massive population – being exceptional is more difficult than ever.


Why do you think so many famous “PUAs” move to other countries?


Being exceptional is exponentially easier if for no other reason than they’re foreign.




On that note, this feminine desire for the exceptional is also the reason so many women claim – and honestly so (to a point)  – that “PUA tactics would never work on [them]”.


Certainly, from the comfort of their current surroundings and plugged into an internet connection with an immeasurable plethora of exceptionality before them with just a tap of the screen, the stratagems discussed are laughable in their eyes. 


However, once they find themselves outside – awash in a sea of standard, cookie-cutter men (raised by single mothers, female teachers and girl day-care attendants) with all semblances of uniqueness stamped out of them, save almost parody-level “male interests” – the formerly ridiculous techniques transform into surprisingly efficacious behavior.




Be aware, Lemmy from Motörhead bedded 1200+ women.


Hardly a handsome fellow or even a “standard rock-star” as, in person, he was thoughtful, self-deprecating and generally reserved in his behavior (aside from substance abuse).


In fact, his band never even achieved any real degree of mainstream success.




The same with Peter Steele of Type O Negative. 


A towering figure at 6’8” whose band took nothing seriously except their music.


Who preferred wine and conversation to ostentatious parties (again, aside from substance abuse at the start).




Thus, we come full-circle.


Invest in yourself, your hobbies and your skills.


And think on this:


Three simple, minuscule  protons create the vast divide between lead and gold.







6 Responses to ““…my shine wore off as time wore on…””

  1. “Women want the Exception”

    Anecdote: Last fall I was in the local insurance office, signing a stack of papers for our fleet coverage. The woman at the desk was a faint acquaintance who attended school with my younger brother. Hadn’t seen her in at least two decades; first-name basis only.

    Beside the signature line the forms asked for my title. In jest I told her to write “Manager” because it was fewer syllables than “Anointed Plenipotentiary”.

    I had barely finished the sentence when, without even looking up she said “I KNEW you’d say something awesome like that.”

    Moral: They see you, boys. Their radar is on 24/7.

    • Addendum:

      “Three simple, minuscule protons create the vast divide between lead and gold.”

      Alchemists strove for decades to find the method to turn Lead into Gold. In the end, how DOES a man put those three protons into a Lead atom? Turns out it’s endless hours of focussed energy in a grimy laboratory. So if you want to be the Golden Man, you must separate yourself from the Leaden Men, and get in the damned lab.

      Inspiring post, good proprietor.

      • Chrysopoeia is incredibly expensive as well; much, much more expensive than the actual gold produced is worth (monetarily) to the possessor of the finished product. The lead *itself* becomes more valuable, but to any external party, it’s not worth the process.

        If we stick with the metaphor; a woman is better served in finding a polished Krugerrand, and she intrinsically knows this. As a woman is pragmatic, she doesn’t care about the process, either, outside of perhaps an idle curiosity; she’s only genuinely interested in the finished product (this is not a moral judgement, merely an observation).

  2. This is why I consider myself lucky, in many respects that I have a history that I do. That I’m unable to relate to many women because of my frequent traveling and moving, makes me an exception without trying.

    My game seems to comprise a lot of “don’t fuck this up” and “don’t be a normie”.

    Holding lots of seemingly paradoxical beliefs also helps.


  3. She wants the exception but doesn’t understand why, and so even the best of them will spend their lives trying to bring him back into the fold of the rule, thinking what makes him unique is a mistake of nature. If he wants to keep her for life, he’ll pretend she’s occasionally succeeding while remaining for the most part ‘the exception.’

    This is the mistake of the ‘nice guy.’ Deep down we’re all dangerous somewhere. ‘Nice’ is an act of social conditioning and she knows it, because hers was the gender that conditioned you. Not only does she know all-nice is a misrepresentation of man’s full nature, she doesn’t know what she has to work with until she clears it out of the way. That’s why so many nice guys get nagged and dead bedroomed before they’re divorced. She’ll spend a couple years trying to find the werewolf underneath, but instead of giving it to her, guys will up their niceness thinking that’ll solve the problem.

    Truth be told, many men will not show her their primal side because we understand on a deeper level that she’s there to kill it. And once she does, she’s still going to leave. A divorce, painful as it can be, is a much smaller price to pay than losing our inner Sith Lord.

    Abridged, she’s Johnny Ringo:

  4. […] that he doesn’t care what she or, more accurately, ⁂ conventional persons ⁂ […]

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