“Am I the righteous or the damned?”






It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here.


To be perfectly frank (while still maintaining my signature brevity):


I wasn’t sure I was necessary in these parts any longer.



Our section of the web (Manosphere) has changed drastically.


In many ways, these days, it’s hardly recognizable.


So many have disappeared – faded or forced out.


Attitudes of our audiences have shifted. 


Some so much so they’re 180º from where they began.


[As a point of pride, some are now in line with what I’ve been saying for years and, in fact, took flack for touting.]


Thus, I considered it the arrival of my expiration date.




Now, ► I made a promise ◄, so I did not move to delete the blog and had every intention of replying to comments on older posts.


But new thoughts, hypotheses and observations would be kept to myself or, more rarely, shared with only close, “real life” friends.


My mind has changed again, however, as I recently pondered my choice.




What little “old guard” remains hasn’t changed their tune.


Yet, their readership is aging. 


Certainly there’s always new blood but a somewhat surprising development had manifested.


Much of the old blood suddenly realized they had evolved.


While noticing those they read really hadn’t.


Which brings me to tonight’s point.



For all my flaws (and they are myriad), labels such as “one note”, “repetitious” and “same old, same old” cannot justly be ascribed to me.


I discuss many topics and address many concerns.


All with a perspective… somewhat left of Heaven.



Thus, here’s my promise:


One post a week for 2018.


52, of which this is the first.


Like a deck of cards, some will be worth more than others.


Don’t blame the dealer for that (it’s the nature of the game, after all).


Since, in the end—


It’s up to you to build a winning hand with them.







18 Responses to ““Am I the righteous or the damned?””

  1. I am glad you are deciding to keep involved, Ace. There isn’t really anyone else like you in the ‘sphere. You are amongst a rare handful who I will always take the time to read, because what you write is always worth reading.

    • Donal,

      I’m honored you say so.

      Thanks, as always, for both your kind words and – most of all – your encouragement.

      Stay well,


  2. Welcome back, my friend.

    It’s good to see the lights on here. It’s been a long stretching desert trek for so many, and most of the oases, while beneficial for existing, have become tepid and brackish. You know the road well.

    Old men have different uses for saloons than young men do.

  3. Neocolonial Says:

    The last couple months has been me in a bit of a lull online as well; the real world has dominated. Real family, real friends, real problems, real effort. Which is not to say online friends are less real, but they are inherently less ‘here’.

    That said, it will be a joy to have you posting this year. While the ‘old guard’ may have matured, it seems typically to have done so to something deeper and richer in both preferences and pronouncements.

    Having an old guard in itself is a marvellous thing. I once heard an old prophet say it had taken him 25 years to grow into his gifting, but with his guidance he was now helping others reach that point in 15.

    And that is something in this world of mayflies and marsh gas.

    • Neocolonial,

      I’m glad to be back and – to be perfectly honest – the welcome from yourself and others has been a tremendously encouraging facet of my return.

      “I once heard an old prophet say it had taken him 25 years to grow into his gifting, but with his guidance he was now helping others reach that point in 15.

      And that is something in this world of mayflies and marsh gas.”

      Agreed 100%.

      Wisdom is the greatest gift men can give one another.

      All the best to you and yours,


  4. Eduardo the Magnificent Says:

    I was hoping you hadn’t gone away. A rich mind draws by necessity from many different sources. Rest assured, if you post something, there are capable minds here that will read and digest it. Just because there are clowns all over the rest of the manosphere doesn’t mean your message is diluted. Not one bit.

    “What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think. This rule, equally arduous in actual and in intellectual life, may serve for the whole distinction between greatness and meanness. It is the harder, because you will always find those who think they know what it is your duty better than you know it. It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.” – Emerson

    • Eduardo,

      Many thanks for your moving comment.

      I appreciate both your encouraging words and the very apropos quotation.

      All the best to you and yours,


  5. I can’t speak for others, but myself and those I interact with have largely realized they needed more time acting towards conquering the obstacles before them and less writing about the ideal unrealized.

    For every one of the guard gone silent, there’s likely to be a man turning a house of cards to a refuge and barracks. We’ll see where and when the wind blows

    • Chad,

      I agree and I was/am very much one of them. I meant no disrespect to those that faded due to real-world necessity.

      Quite the opposite, in fact.

      Since, the crux of my post was:

      There was less and less good reason to remain here.

      I Truly hope life finds you and yours well,


      • My comment was more of an agreement an explanation of why I did the same.

        Life is good: me and mine are blessed enough to find joy in our woes and woe in our joys. I hope the same for you

  6. Count me amongst those hoping that you hadn’t left us and I’m very glad you are still here. Few post as many thoughtful posts as you do and I am grateful for your written knowledge.

    Plus we’ve got very similar tastes in music: the Thornley post still pops into mind when “Changes” comes on.

    • Many thanks, Sean.

      I sincerely hope we run into one another at a bar’s jukebox one day.

      First round is on you. 😉

      Stay well and all the best,


  7. *Raises glass of orange juice because I am cutting down on drinking*

    “To the first deck of many”

    I am running out of people to read, who have things to say on things I worry about. So please, don’t ever stop writing. If not for me, for yourself.

    It wasn’t too long ago that you put away that bullet you kept on your TV.

    I’m so glad you did.


  8. Welcome back my friend, to the show that never ends…

  9. […]   When I started this “one post a week” challenge to myself, I made the comparison to ⁂ gambling ⁂. […]

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