“Behind the curtain, in the pantomime”






One of the most touching things a young man seeking my advice has ever said was:


“I have some questions on how to deal with women and breakups. 


But if you don’t want to answer, I completely understand, since reliving some of yours must be soul-wrenching.”


It meant a great deal to me to hear that.


In fact, more than most would guess.




Although my writing may often sound clinical and calculated, its origins are quite the opposite.


See, the things I post are not cribbed from other sites/men.


The lessons I impart aren’t from some divinely inspired teacher’s guide.


The theories I present don’t emerge from a sterile, academic environment.


I leaned from living. 


Good or bad; right or wrong.




For all my flaws, I’ve lived on the front lines of life and engaged with it in all its infinite gore and glory.


So, whether you find yourself nodding in agreement or shaking your head in disgust as you read my work:


Know that it’s all very real.




On that note, understand that – not only is it tremendous effort to put oneself out there honestly – there’s also little money in it.


Thus, if you could see your way clear to buying a copy of my ► first ◄ or ► second  ◄ book, or perhaps donate via PayPal via my email [whiskeyandashes (at) gmail (dot) com], I’d be exceptionally grateful.


And understand the closest thing your money will get me to the “high life” will be a bottle of whiskey to have by me as I write more for you.


That being said:


One suit down; three to go.


Thanks for taking the ride with me.







3 Responses to ““Behind the curtain, in the pantomime””

  1. A♠,

    It’s my pleasure to buy you a couple jugs of writing oil. I hope the day comes I can crack one open with you.

    Blessed Easter and Chag Sameach.

    The first is a reminder that God Himself will pay our tab. Because we simply can’t.

    The second is a reminder that if we stay awake, at the right time (and not a minute before or after) He will preserve us from judgment and lead us out of our hellholes.

    Up to and including the one they drop our carcasses in someday.

    Enjoy the holiday, and I hope this ride is bringing you benefit too.


    • JD,

      As always your generosity and kind words are greatly appreciated.

      I struggle daily with the worry that God will not, in fact, “pick up [my] tab”.

      IRL, I’m hard on the people I love and harder still on myself.

      I’m sure that comes as little surprise, though.

      Regardless, I’m blessed to still be here and blessed doubly for having men like yourself with me.

      All the best to you,


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