“He’s dancing on the breadline…”






Regular commenter JD writes:


“There is no upper limit to the price we will be expected to pay. Women and society don’t even regard this as a transaction. They tell us what they expect from us and wait to receive it…


We have nothing to prove to Women or Society. They’ve been strip-mining us for decades.”


While I believe the comment is worthwhile in its entirety, the final line leapt out at me.




Every day, as I move through the world, I see countless folks lost in themselves or some petty dopamine-pumping distraction.


Faces glued to phones; each a Narcissus gazing longingly at the luminescent pool of self-congratulation.


News outlets and pundits choosing the target of the day for insufficient zealotry or failing to meet some exponentially increasing level of standards they themselves couldn’t reach with a guidebook and a ladder.


Each cutting the other down to appear that much taller.


It’s a sorry state of affairs, to say the least.


Yet, there is a two-pronged, silver lining to this ebony storm-front, should one choose to look carefully.




First, so many demands are placed on men today, they’ve ended up with none (save those they choose to apply to themselves).


Think of them as a soldier constantly being given contrary orders.


Sure, he can’t win.


But neither can he actually lose.


Since, either way, he’s following – and failing to follow – instructions. 


Causing his commanders no end of frustration as each of them attempts to use him for their purposes.


All the while, giving our exemplary soldier less and less reason to re-enlist.


And giving him more and more reason to dissuade potential recruits.




Second, having been pushed to so low a status, he becomes (at the individual level, at least) invisible.


Resulting in no one really caring about a man’s failures or successes (after perhaps an extremely abbreviated initial moment at discovery).


Sure, they may mock or congratulate him for a brief time, but the dopamine junkie will need to move on quickly to keep chasing that particular dragon.


Addicted to news feeds and Facebook games; Netflix and internet spats.


Not to mention the detractor’s own concern with “winning the rat race”.


In fact, one needn’t have the willpower to forgo concern for what others think of him.


It’s painfully evident they rarely spare him a thought.




Now, none of this is to say a man shouldn’t have his own standards.






He certainly should.


But don’t worry about failing to measure up, now and then.


Since most of those that judge you are standing on someone else’s shoulders.







11 Responses to ““He’s dancing on the breadline…””

  1. So, basically, being expected to bend the knee to everyone we in practice need not bend the knee to anyone.

    The effect is the same regardless.

    Oddly, this will lead us to Medieval Europe.

    The Treat of Wesphalia posited that no man can serve two masters. But what a range of choices had he!

    Now we are free to choose again.

  2. A♠,

    Greatly honoured for the mention, my friend.

    What has become of us?

    Lions, predators with no Courage.
    Tin men, marionettes with no Heart.
    Scarecrows, strawbag effiigies with no Brains.

    The normal course of nature has become a gauntlet. A lifelong hazing ritual with no fraternity waiting at the end of the process. A rite of passage consisting of generating the income to pay our own prison guards.

    No love awaits the Man who refuses to run the gauntlet. Neither status nor respect await the Man who does. In other words, no love for him either.

    Nobody awaits you, save St. Peter, only now he’s Heaven’s HR vice-president awaiting you at the Pearly Gates with your performance review on PowerPoint. (And with all love to my RCC compatriots, the current Pope is apparently the new acting Diversity VP)

    But, here’s the thing: THEY NEED YOU. They hate you for it, like a bunch of sugar-fortified children rampaging around the house, doing ridiculous things, forgetting Dad will be walking through the front door any minute to ‘spoil their fun’. That’s why all the rage. They know you’re out there, demanding to know why your own front door is locked. That’s your ‘thanks’. (What did the ex tell them THIS TIME??)

    Now here’s the paradox: if you DON’T go in that door and restore order, they’ll never forgive you for it. Even though CPS has a picket line waiting outside to arrest you if you try.

    So yeah, checkmate. Social engineering has won. You will work all your life for nothing of your own. (But hey, your credit rating is solid.
    Good Job!)


    That is, they win if you comply. You have to agree to this, you know.

    So, whether you punch a time clock or run a business, my friends, from now on you toil for yourselves. Toil for your reasons alone.

    And let’s re-found the world, one reborn Man at a time.

  3. I march with the saints to war,
    My life is worth dying for.
    Ain’t nobody told me what to do
    Cept those marching too.

    Stay small with the heart of a lion

  4. Our Name is Legion, for we are many.

    Men need to learn to ignore those demons out there in the world. Instead, they need to drop those master, and learn to master themselves. Then they can learn to serve someone worth serving.

    • Donal,

      “Then they can learn to serve someone worth serving.”

      I couldn’t possibly agree more.

      All the best,


  5. Beppo Venerdì Says:

    Related or not, I decided to deactivate my Twitter this past Saturday. More and more I realized that having it really wasn’t adding anything (outside a few good connections) and how much time I pissed away on it refreshing the timeline. Felt like it was time to just cut the cord on it.

    If you need to contact me, you should still have my email.

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