“See the rat race in a new way, like you’re waking up to a new day…”





Before I begin, understand that I have, for years, endeavored to show the strengths and weakness of humanity in an honest and (ultimately, I hope) positive fashion.


To read the following post as a hate filled screed is to miss the point entirely which, at the risk of giving away the conclusion, is that our disingenuousness regarding ourselves and our foibles is the most dangerous mistake we – as a species – can make.


In short, to “know thyself” is the path to elevation from our lowly state.


That being said, I’ll answer the request of reader caddersworld:


“I’m intrigued by this though; ‘(It’s why they don’t scale well in modern society but that’s another story.)’


Please could you take a few mins to expand on this (or perhaps point me to where you have written on it before)?”




My explanation in stages:


1} Pragmatism [noun]: a reasonable and logical way of doing things or of thinking about problems that is based on dealing with specific situations instead of on ideas and theories.*


2} Women are ► logical ◄ – they merely have different priorities (and methods to meet them) than men.



3} As I’ve ► stated earlier ◄:


What men fail to grasp, as a whole, is women are the more pragmatic gender.


They’ve no use for rules, honor and other such “niceties”.


As they inhibit chances of survival for the individual.


* (They are “dealing with specific situations instead of on ideas and theories”.)




Sure, those things work for the whole of civilization.


But why bother to build a city when you can do your hair, paint your nails, shave your legs and move into someone’s nice house?




That’s why not.



4A} Enter “modernity” – technological development, democracy and the welfare state.


B} Female priority: reproduce with the best available genetics; pragmatic solution: Machines do much of the work, so eliminate lower status men so as to not pollute the gene pool.


C} Female priority: go for the exception rather than the rule as that’s where possible advantageous biological mutations/changes will probably occur; pragmatic solution: import foreigners, date outlaws, forgo standard men


D} Female priority: acquire resources; pragmatic solution: vote for more public money.


E} Female priority: maximize mate options; pragmatic solution: sabotage other women, hobble lower status male survival efforts, forgo commitment as long as possible.


F} Female priority: feel safe and comforted; pragmatic solution: comfort eat constantly, forgo stressful mental/emotional/intellectual situations and activity.


G} Female priority: suffer at some level; pragmatic solution: harm self, sacrifice oneself publicly for both satisfaction and martyrdom.


H} Female priority: find the toughest mate; pragmatic solution: keep beating males (mentally/physically/emotionally) until one fights back powerfully enough to pass the test.




While it’s easy to criticize these courses of action as deleterious – to say the least – on a longer timeline to both individuals and civilization, as a whole, it’s equally easy to prove they work (from the pragmatic perspective).


Also recall that human needs exist in a hierarchy. 


In the event of a conflict, one will take precedence over the other (on the individual basis).




Women aren’t doing these things because they’re “evil”.


They’re doing these things because these courses of action work and because – over the course of thousands of years – women understand (at a subconscious level, at least) that the female timeline is shorter than the male for biological reasons, thus the speedier the better.


I say all of the above to neither condemn nor defend.


Merely to elucidate.


I trust I’ve succeeded. 







9 Responses to ““See the rat race in a new way, like you’re waking up to a new day…””

  1. Many thanks for responding to my question.

    So, if I understand correctly, your comment about scaling poorly is referring to the fact that women’s instinctive tendencies (that you have described), whilst being ultimately logical and pragmatic (from the female perspective) – and even possibly beneficial the wider gene pool over time – are more immediately destructive in a modern, advanced economy, than in a more primitive one.

    We live in interesting times,

    Great insights, as ever. Thanks again.

  2. A♠,

    Brilliant exposition.

    There’s a park on the Canadian prairies, its native name roughly translates as ‘Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump’. A natural escarpment that in migration season the native hunters would coordinate their efforts and direct a large number of buffalo towards.

    They would stampede through a corridor made up of rocks, foliage etc. and run in panic over this escarpment like 1-ton lemmings, falling to their deaths in their scores. Then the meat, hides and bones could be harvested at leisure.

    This is the Achilles’ Heel of herd creatures. If you know where they’re going, and what stimulates/spooks them, you can get them to do the hard part for you.

    It explains the modern world’s effect on the human female. They migrate, stampede and self-destruct depending on whose marketing campaign is getting maximum airplay that day. Pure, in-the-moment instinct.

    It’s almost adorable, in a civilization-ending sort of way.

  3. […] (Since it’s safe and – once the dopamine is wired to respond to such, as it has over thousands of years – rewarding, it’s also entirely ► pragmatic ◄.) […]

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