“…frown upon her face, tryin’ to be sincere…’






“Female empowerment” is everywhere, frankly.


On televisions.


In magazines.


In films.


Even in schools.


The cheerleading routine is omnipresent and ceaseless.




Yet, as time and tide wear on, “those with eyes to see and ears to hear” notice flaws in the performance.


The chant has become a drone.


The voices have gone hoarse.


The once impassioned eyes have either turned to glassy zealousness or dulled to stony dejection. 


Why is that?


Why, despite the never-ending praise and encouragement heaped upon females by females, are they more depressed than ever?


Samuel Taylor Coleridge said it best:


“Water, water, every where,

And all the boards did shrink;

Water, water, every where,

Nor any drop to drink.”




Realize that – on the whole – intra-sex [female to female] praise is akin to drinking seawater.


It is devoid of nourishment.


And, worse still, it is an enervating force.




Recall, ► women communicate via subtext ◄.


Overt communication is rarely to be trusted.


Praise is absolutely no exception to that rule.




Also, recall that women will often praise even the most mundane accomplishment as a tour de force (this is a feature, not a bug – but that’s for another day).


So, consciously or unconsciously, they understand that such praise is essentially meaningless.


If even banality is “amazing”, how does anything have worth?




It doesn’t; not a whit of it.


Which is exactly why they are in ► the lamentable position they currently occupy ◄.







6 Responses to ““…frown upon her face, tryin’ to be sincere…’”

  1. “The Future Is Female”

    “The once impassioned eyes have either turned to glassy zealousness or dulled to poorly polished stony dejection. ”

    Half donning their silly cat hats and pumping their fists in the air.

    The other half slowly realizing that these idiots are serious.

    We’ll see. For my part, I’m never gonna lose weight eating all this popcorn.

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  3. 1) Another well picked song. There more I listen to it, the harder it is for me to guess whether you picked the song first, or wrote the post first. Like one other post I commented on, you could tell me the artist wrote the song for your post and I’d believe it.

    2) Online dating reminds of me the oxygen mask on planes. They were only meant to provide 15 minutes of oxygen – hopefully womenkind takes them off before she suffocates to death.


  4. […] in the spirit of ⁂ brutal, covert competition ⁂, other women will frequently drive them out of relationships prematurely or to death (figuratively […]

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