“But I already left you and you’re better off left behind…”






As long-time readers are no doubt aware, my main hobby (among many) is taking the world apart and seeing what makes it spin.


While watching a program about feline behavior (research to more thoroughly explain a previously mentioned theory of mine in a future post), the “fight or flight response” was mentioned.


It struck me, at that moment, just how often we humans fall prey to that particular instinct.


Yet, the frequency, alone, didn’t catch my attention.


But how readily we deny it or – almost as foolishly – fail to even notice it.




I’ll take a moment to place a seemingly tangential fact about myself here.


I received a bunch of magnetic words to place on the refrigerator from someone a few years back.


I selected a few and wrote:


we look




Now, the question that likely arises at this point is:


What does all of the above have in common?




It’s crucial to understand one’s own motivations.


It’s imperative to recognize if one is moving toward a circumstance.


Or away from it (flight).


Are you drinking because you enjoy a post-work cocktail?


Or hiding in a bottle from the day’s events?


Are you chasing your ex because you Truly believe you need her?


Or are you afraid you’ll never find anyone else?


Are you building model airplanes because you enjoy the task?


Or are you ochlophobic and that’s a good way to stay home?




Of course, this isn’t to say every [plastic Fokker DR.I] Dreidecker, drink or dame is a manifestation of fear.


I’ve said many times a man should find his path and pursue it.


However, it’s vital to honestly assess:


If it’s a road onward.


Or a well-worn escape route.




9 Responses to ““But I already left you and you’re better off left behind…””

  1. “It’s crucial to understand one’s own motivations.

    It’s imperative to recognize if one is moving toward a circumstance.” – ♠

    This brings to my mind the phenomenon of identification via negation/opposition (often unconsciously, just as in your example).

    People don’t know who to trust – they only “know” to be cynical.

    People don’t know what to believe – they only “know” what to deride.

    People don’t know what they love – they only “know” what they hate.

    “I don’t know who or what I am, or what I believe, but I’m sure as Hell not THAT!”

    …is it any wonder that people don’t know where they(we)’re heading, or why?

    Only knowing where you don’t want to end up is no way to navigate.

    • Tharwolf,

      “Only knowing where you don’t want to end up is no way to navigate.”

      It is almost impossible to convey just how True (and important) that statement is.

      Sincerest best,


  2. You may as well have written, “______, j’accuse.”


    • Just to clarify things for both A♠ and any readers, I was not accusing A♠ of singling me out.

      His post happened to coincidentally line up well with my the current story of my life, so well, that it almost feels like this post was about me. It’s not, but rather about a general point.

      Were A♠ to call me out, he would have called me by name and linked either my twitter or my blog.


      As for the rest, I’ll just say, given our recent conversations, it appears I have the luxury of time of finding out the answer to the question. And the answer could change, too.

      All my best to you and yours,


  3. A♠,

    ‘Diversions’ should be nothing more than a pleasant means of passing the hours when it’s storming outside.

    Where it gets hazardous is relying on them when it’s storming INSIDE.

    A ‘well-worn escape route’ takes on a suspiciously circular direction.
    Like a roundabout in an intersection, you can take your time choosing a direction but then you must take it.

    The Gothas, Gewurtztraminer and Gretels will always be there 🙂


  4. Eduardo the Magnificent Says:

    Man, know thyself.

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