My computer died this week so, rather than miss a deadline, I decided to post something (even if it isn’t what I’d originally intended). The following is a message I received some time ago and felt it might be worth sharing.

“An observation I have about your writing, especially that clinical, super-objective, research-thesis-like style.

When I read it, I have to force myself to hear you saying the words. Once I do, it all clicks back into place that you’re just a man, a mortal man.

Because if I didn’t know you, (and to be fair, I’m really only beginning to know you), if I couldn’t hear your pronunciation of the words, your meter, I would have difficulty not believing every single thing you wrote at face value. And I mean, everything.

I know I’m not the best example; we already reviewed my levels of gullibility and trust; but when you lay things out in that careful, correct and well-researched manner, it sounds more than professional, it sounds like the words of a Prophet.

Now, God, please forgive me my blasphemy. “

– a regular reader


* * *


Regular Reader,

I very much appreciate your kind words. However, permit me to point out you haven’t blasphemed. All of the prophets were “just mortal men”. That’s where humanity defeats itself. They expect prophets themselves to be divine. They aren’t; their message is. That tone you hear is Truth. It’s so unfamiliar these days it’s understandable why it would seem almost supernatural. You should believe what I tell you; especially when I take that tone. You’ll come to find you’d likely get to many of my conclusions on your own, regardless, after significant time and effort.


Sincerest best wishes,





7 Responses to “Voices”

  1. Does the lack of a suit and number indicate this is an extra post, rather than the post of the week?


    • Wald,

      My computer died this week so I had to do this with my phone. It wasn’t even the post I wanted to do but, rather than miss my deadline, I chose the course of action available (if far less than ideal).

      Sincerest best,


  2. When it comes to prophets there was none greater than John the Baptist…and his crowning line was this.

    “He (Jesus) must increase, I must decrease.” John 3:30

  3. A♠,

    Having conversed with you I do find myself reading these posts as if you are narrating them. It’s probably something similar when you read responses by those of us you’ve interacted with. We’re all literally sharing the voices in our own heads with each other.

    A prophet had several tasks:

    Remind people of what the correct path is.
    Warn people of what happens when they don’t get back on it.
    Explain why they’re not on it, though they think they are.

    The truly wise prophets were sure to know where all the exits out of town were located. Thanks to Mr. Gutenberg and later the internet, we can use pseudonyms. But the mission is the same.

    Hope your computer issues are resolved speedily, amigo. Pretty damn hard to do without these infernal engines anymore, isn’t it?


    • JD,

      Your summation of a prophet’s tasks is spot on target.

      Well said.

      And all too true regarding computers.

      Sincerest best wishes,


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