“I can easily understand how you could easily take my man but you don’t know what he means to me…”





Women do not think as men do.


Their biology – and there subsequent biological destiny – precludes such.


I can’t possibly say it any more clearly.


Yet it amazes me how many men – when everything boils down – still believe they do.




Sure, those men say otherwise.


But they’re lying – to me, themselves or both.


Since I’m on the topic, allow me to delineate some things many (most?) men fail to even consider:


1} Women can often be solipsistic – fact. But the root of this is a feature, not a bug. Recall that tens of thousands of years of existence bestowed upon them the responsibility of being primary caregivers for infants. Women believe (consciously or subconsciously) the universe revolves around them because – for the aforementioned children – it literally does. Angst, comfort, life, death are all in the babe’s mother’s hands. Thus, believing “it’s all about her” (to a point) is actually a boon in the survival department.


2} This previous condition causes women to be staggeringly (to men able to witness such) self-critical. Everything is internalized and (possibly over) analyzed. Most men have no idea how often – and how vociferously – women blame themselves for things that occur. It’s why abusive men are extraordinarily dangerous to reasonably healthy women and why the women are so easily trapped by those men. Ignorant (and I don’t mean that in the pejorative sense) men hear women blaming others but fail to understand that such rants are, more frequently than not, just theater. Those women, alone in the dark, often reduce themselves to pools of self-loathing.


3} Men operate under the impression that women weather break-ups with little to no effort; that they navigate the pain and heartache as if that particular duo of anguish is entirely absent. This is true in many cases, yes. But what most men fail to see are the times when the “right” man leaves. Those times are utterly devastating. Keep this brutal, unpleasant and certainly politically incorrect reality in mind: women are far more easily replaced than men. This is not misogyny; it’s basic economics. Men have comparatively few demands. Physical beauty, (relative) youth and an agreeable nature. Anything more is gravy. Women, on the other hand, have innumerable and myriad criteria to be met. Thus, even in a reasonably healthy society, 100% of men would be content with 80% of women while 100% of women would be Truly content with only 20% of men. Alternately phrased in brief: the more requirements a position has, the harder it is to fill it. In light of all of the above, it’s no wonder women constantly act to undermine one another. Even those they sometimes call friends.


For those readers that still fail to grasp what I’m saying, I’ll make it as easily digestible as I can:


Men mainly ask “Does she have nice eyes/tits/legs/[personal preference] , is she sweet and will she not nag me into the grave?”


While women ask “Does he have ambition but not so much I’ll never see him, does he have a sense of humor but not act like a clown, will he make me laugh, will he make me cry (I want both but in a good way), will he frustrate me, will he please me (but not too much), will he listen (but not too much), will he be confident but not arrogant, will he be assertive but not domineering, will he be dominant but not abusive, will he fight with me but not physically/emotionally crush me, will he disagree but not belittle me, [ad infinitum]…”




Understand there is nothing wrong with the priorities of either sex.


They are what they are for reasons as old – and as enduring – as life itself.


And realize: under even the best conditions, which is harder locate?


To win?


Most of all, to keep?


Now, had you such a long list of necessities, how hard, how dirty, how desperately would you fight to meet them?



14 Responses to ““I can easily understand how you could easily take my man but you don’t know what he means to me…””

  1. ‘Ignorant men hear women blaming others but fail to understand that such rants are, more frequently than not, just theater.’

    If it wasn’t for watching their bi-polar episodes unfold on social media I would have never got the theatrics part.

    It often goes from ‘I’m awesome’ to ‘I can’t ‘adult’ today.’

  2. A♠,

    It’s so antithetical to modern culture for men to have any expectations – at all – in a mate. And it’s pathetic how many men have accepted any deal they can get. Particularly because in the end it often avails them nothing.

    The man who can get up and walk away from the table while the woman is on her 32nd page of demands holds the stronger negotiating hand. Saying ‘No’ is practically a revolutionary act today.

    Consider this: the abusive man holds a woman in thrall without fulfilling ANY of her other needs. If you’re the kind of man that broken dolls come to looking for commitment and security you’re actually being held in lower esteem than some rescue animal in a TapOut shirt.

    Because the fact is she turned herself inside out trying to get his approval and he may even have pictures and videos on his phone, that she may have even taken herself. There is no intimacy, no exploration and no future with such a debauched soul.

    Nobody needs anything like that in their life. When women stop getting rescued from their folly the list of needs will drop off a cliff.

    Every man has a vote in the sexual marketplace but he has to exercise the damn thing. Every man without a woman is a woman without a man, too. Waaaay bigger problem for them than us.


    • ‘Saying ‘No’ is practically a revolutionary act today.’

      It was hard for me to do at some times in my youth…but in the long run I didn’t regret it.

      Demands don’t stop if you appease them. They only get worse.

      • earl,

        I’ve had plenty of long nights in my life playing armchair quarterback about some sweetie I refused to compromise for. When they’re young it just feels like they have literally all the power and the blows to the ego are sickening. Like you’ve been played like a cat plays with a mouse.

        Then see them thirty years later.

        As an old ‘spherian once said, “Never confuse a woman’s actions for strategy’.

    • JD,

      ” And it’s pathetic how many men have accepted any deal they can get. Particularly because in the end it often avails them nothing.”

      That’s honestly my biggest problem with it all.

      I’d understand – intellectually, if not spiritually – if these Faustian bargains of modernity actually delivered SOMETHING of substance.

      But they never do, do they?

      All the best,


      • A♠,

        “But they never do, do they?”

        No sir, they sure don’t. But enough young men have seen enough hollow-eyed old greyheads that the bargaining is slowing down at least.

        The ‘end of the beginning’, perhaps.


  3. More posts like this please.

    Men often forget that whilst the women across the table or sitting besides (depending on your style) is an opposing player (and many even forget that), she’s not just competing with you, but other women.

    If you can’t say no to one woman, she’s all you can ever get. And all you’ll never get.

    Lastly, I’m beginning to see that the reason why women don’t make sense and why they’re so crazy is that they’re made for one thing only, having and raising children. If they don’t do that, they malfunction, slowly, or quickly, and instead of being a force that gives life and nurtures, they turn into the opposite.


  4. Fantastic post with fantastic comments. Despite being one of your wordier posts, Ace, it keeps all of the punch.

    To add my two cents: women will fight with each other over a man who they see as a prize. Become that prize. Don’t let yourself as a man compete over them. Rather, become the man that they will compete over.

    Easy? Of course not, unless you were born very, very lucky.

    But worth it? That is up to you to decide.

    • Donal,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      As I’ve said often:

      I’ve the best commenters in the ‘sphere.

      Also, very pleased you checked in, again.

      All the best to you & yours,


  5. Phenomenal post. Saving this for future (and no doubt frequent) reference.

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