“God on my side and a gun in my hand, chasing my days down to zero…”




Well, attentive readers, it’s the ace card.


The final, in fact.


And you know what that means.




My oath of a post a week is complete.


I’m proud to say I did exactly what I said I would.


As far as I’m concerned:


That’s a serious accomplishment.




See, this section of the ‘net ended up getting a serious rep for being “all hat and no cattle”, as my Texan friends would say.


So I do my damnedest to be different.


To complicate matters, I don’t skillfully craft crass humor that shocks people into attentiveness.


I don’t pen countless portmanteaus in scathing attacks on the status quo.


And obviously don’t pay Fiverr workers to crib other blogs then post them to mine.


Oddly enough, I’m different because I’m just a man.




I’m just a man that’s made more mistakes than a dyslexic in a speed-reading competition.


I’m just a man that had his heart broken so often and savagely that the pieces had to melted down and reforged, rather than glued back together.


I’m just a man that makes a serious effort to answer every comment, call and email.


A man that helps guys getting out of jail.


Guys close to suicide.


Guys trying to figure out a world cloaked in deceit and duplicity.


Folks told to find the cookie in the corner of round room.




You know, it’s funny.


I think I’ve saved more people since they took my badge and gun than I ever did while I had them.


Which is even more impressive when I stop to consider these demons are infinitely more dangerous.


Most crooks will only rob or, even less likely, kill you.


The fiends we fight here will get you to send your own soul to Hell.




No, I didn’t save the world.


But I believe I’ve done my part, if not more.


Now, I won’t promise another 52 for 2019.


But I’ll try my damnedest to do it, nonetheless.




So pour yourself a drink (non-alcoholic, if necessary).


And, if you’d be so kind:


Toast my health.


Drink to the fellow that didn’t stand miles behind the line, barking orders.


The fellow that stood shoulder to shoulder with you in the trench.


The fellow that looked you in the eye as he blew the whistle to go over the top.


And made damn sure he was a step ahead of you charging the enemy so you were absolutely, positively, indisputably certain—


You weren’t doing it alone.



12 Responses to ““God on my side and a gun in my hand, chasing my days down to zero…””

  1. A♠,


    It’s been a hell of a year, and I’ve no more idea what the next will bring than anyone else.

    But some men will be there because you spoke up.

    Hoisting three fingers of Fireball as I hit ‘Post Comment’.


    • JD,

      “But some men will be there because you spoke up.”

      If that’s True, I can’t imagine being given a better Christmas gift than knowing that.

      God bless you and yours,


  2. A hell of a year indeed.

    I’ll say it again. This year was a tough one for me. It still is and next year will have a tough start, if not longer than that. But this blog’s been a huge help. There’ve been some weeks where all I wanted was to get to the end. And some weeks where I contemplated how I could prevent tomorrow from transpiring.

    But every week, I knew I could look forward to you posting something. And before I knew it, this year’s come rushing to a close.

    I’m raising a glass of vodka and MT Dew because I’ve got nothing better to mix it with and I’ve done my sharing of drinking like a sailor through highschool and college.

    I drink to your *continued* health.

    All my best to you and yours,

    • Wald,

      “…But every week, I knew I could look forward to you posting something.”

      I’m honored to have been something that helped keep you fighting.

      Sincerest best,


  3. Greatly enjoyed your posts over the last year. Your wit and brevity are unmatched. Look forward to seeing more.

    • Stultus,

      Sincerest thanks for your kind words and – most of all – for taking a moment to voice them.

      I can’t possibly know if I’m doing good for men if they keep silent.

      All the best to you & yours,


  4. Ace
    I know you know all this, but simply a friendly reminder.

    Enjoy the victory of The Child and His joy. May you ever find the child within, and give him the love he needs.

    And the occasional whiskey to help the soul be quiet enough to listen

    – Chad

  5. ‘I think I’ve saved more people since they took my badge and gun than I ever did while I had them.’

    There’s many reasons why I chose St. Maximilian Kolbe as my avatar.

    ‘2. He always wanted to be a soldier.
    As a student, the young Raymond excelled in what we now call the STEM areas of study (science, technology, engineering, and math). He also had a passionate interest in all things military. A childhood dream of the priesthood was almost lost for this ardent patriot with a soldier’s heart, as he had hoped for a military career defending his beloved Poland. Complications caused him to abandon these plans and he entered the Franciscan noviate late in 1910 and was ordained in 1918.

    His still had a soldier’s heart, but now waged a spiritual war. With several friends a new type of army was founded, the Militia Immaculatae, an army to convert sinners and bring all to love Mary Immaculate.’


  6. A great year of posts. Take a bottle of Maker’s Mark, put some Thornley on the stereo and relax knowing you’ve helped.

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