“Oh no, I’ve said too much; I haven’t said enough”






In my previous post, I wrote:


Women have a tremendous capacity to endure.


Not merely endure, actually, but struggle mightily under terrible conditions.


(Admittedly, this seems untrue to our modernity-clouded vision, but I assure you it is fact.)


If any human being can make a Heaven of Hell, it’d be a woman.



Of course, I fully expected someone to take me to task on it.




Happily, loyal and long time reader Sean did:


I had to take a second after reading this.


It’s not that they could make Hell Heaven but would delude themselves into it. “See?! Unlimited hot water for the tub, it’s always warm, never a draft, I can wear yoga pants all the time and I never need to cook. How is it NOT Heaven?”


I think a chunk of their resilience is putting the Hamster in overdrive and letting it spin until it becomes an alternator.

That final line [emboldened by me for emphasis] is exactly right.


Spot on, in fact.


I’ll explain why that is.


Before I do, however, I’ll share the full quote to which I was alluding in my original statement, as I believe it will provide a more solid basis for understanding [emphasis in bold].


The mind is its own place, and in it self
Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”
~John Milton, Paradise Lost


Now, to explain as promised.




One of the few things I will be eternally grateful to Roissy/Heartiste for teaching me is (paraphrased):


Irrational self-confidence trumps rational defeatism every time.


This is because men (being the natural aggressors) need to make confidence a potent fuel for their engine.


Successful execution of action often depends on it.


And men are judged by their actions (and the results of such).




Understand, however, that women don’t need that particular self-delusion.


It is, in fact, a delusion.


A useful one, admittedly, but a self-deception, regardless.




Women, on the other hand, need to be resilient.


What would aid that?


Deluding oneself about the quality of one’s surroundings certainly would.


Focusing on sunshine, smiles and cute animals – or, in broader strokes, the bright sides of current conditions – charge their batteries (to maintain Sean’s analogy).


Such a mental realignment would definitely aid in battling depression, despondency and dejection.




Now, I suspect the next counterpoint aimed at me (politely) may be:


“But women take it too far!” 


I agree.


In fact, it was a significant point of that post.


Yet, women can’t be fully blamed for that.


Plenty of men are arrogant braggarts because folks in their life fed the delusions to a detrimental point.


The only difference here is that female delusions are simply catered to (on the whole) far more than men’s.


If for no other reason than men shrug and ignore them rather than suffer for disabusing them of their feminine notions.


Just as women often reward male braggarts by feeding their egos and filling their beds, men reward women – in a sense – for their intentional denialism.


“It’s queer how out of touch with truth women are. They live in a world of their own, and there has never been anything like it, and never can be. It’s too beautiful altogether, and if they were to set it up it would go to pieces before the first sunset. Some confounded fact we men have been living contentedly with ever since the day of creation would start up and knock the whole thing over.”

~ Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness









11 Responses to ““Oh no, I’ve said too much; I haven’t said enough””

  1. This is why I don’t think they should have the vote. At least not anything outside of local (pragmatic) concerns.

    The most beautiful women are often the most out of touch with reality.

    And not only do men and society reinforce their delusions – they punish men who break that bubble.


    • The most beautiful women are often the most out of touch with reality.

      That’s because they’ve only ever heard of “reality” and have never really lived in it. Like Marie Antoinette style. Dozens, nay, hundreds and perhaps thousands, of men have catered to their every whim. Do they want pizza? He’ll run out at 1:59am trying to find the last place open. Do they want X? Some man somewhere will give her X (even if X is merely attention) in the faint, distant, almost unmeasureable chance that he might get some of that.

  2. Thanks for the shout!

    It wasn’t meant to call you out on it so much as an extension to what you were thinking. I continue to be amazed at what my wife can rationalize one moment and then the next day counter it. My mother is the same way.

    No matter how good or bad something truly is, if it’s counter to what they want it to be, they’ll spin the Hamster and fuel entire nations off the power generated.

    • Sean,

      No worries; the shout was well deserved and you’re quite welcome.

      I was very glad you added the extension; the analogy to alternators was outstanding.

      And I hear you loud and clear regarding women spinning things endlessly, regardless of who they are.

      All the best to you & yours,


  3. Also, Losing My Religion was the only song worth buying on the entire album. Maybe the single worst REM album put out but saved by multi-platinum song. It’s also really the only REM song I like. Man, your choices still rock.

  4. That last quote is epic.

    And once again Ace, you continue to be the best at what you do.

  5. A♠,

    There is no shortage of articles and studies about how womens’ happiness has declined markedly over the past few decades.

    Yet they do nothing to fix it.

    I’ve suggested in the past that the State is the ultimate ‘bad boy’. They owe the safety net spread broadly under their lascivious lives to it. A safety net paid for, in aggregate, by men through a dozen wealth-transfer mechanisms. A constant fall-back for their destructive choices, financed by men toiling in obscurity.

    The New World requires resilience. Women have to usher it in because men would never agree. This is why they are constantly told how ‘brave’ and ‘amazing’ they are for their ridiculous behaviour. They’re soldiering on for a cause at the cost of their happiness and many lives.

    They never leave their ‘bad boy’ no matter how badly astray he leads them. And he’s there to make sure we can’t do much either. Like trying to talk toddlers off a ledge with a gun against our temples.

    Men have to emasculate the State in front of womens’ eyes. That’s the mission and why the ‘Sphere exists. Ultimately it isn’t about ‘getting girls’, it’s about getting ‘us’ back.


    • JD,

      I sincerely request your forgiveness should this reply come across as flippant to you.

      I solemnly assure you it is not.

      I summed up the sentiment of your comment in my first book with the following line:

      48. Manosphere Paradox – Enter with intent to learn how to get girls; leave no longer giving a shit about having them.

      Warmest regards,


      • A♠,

        That’s very true. The bigger picture sooner or later looms out of the fog; the chick thing really becomes beside the point.


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