“I’m sick of running… into the whip that strikes my back”





In the past, I’ve advised extricating oneself from stagnant, bad or outright toxic situations as swiftly as possible.


I stand by my words.


Yet there’s something succinctly important that I feel must be mentioned:


Running from a problem isn’t the same as running towards a solution.




I’ve learned the hard way that some escapes just lead to different – and worse – prisons.


The maxim “out of the frying pan and into the fire” has its merits, no doubt.


So, when fleeing, be cautious as to the destination.




Of course, I’m a man of nuance.


This isn’t to say one should never make a mad dash out.


After all, sometimes a hasty flight is the only remedy.


This is merely a reminder to keep one eye in front as much as one eye behind.




Additionally, when the regrets arrive – as they always do (oddly enough, it seems to be the worse a situation was, the more many of us seem to lament its passing but that’s for another day) – realize:


You walked away for a reason.


And it was likely a good one.




4 Responses to ““I’m sick of running… into the whip that strikes my back””

  1. This post sounds like a metaphor for my years lpng foray into the manosphere. Yeah, I was running from something for a good reason, but I ran into what seemed like paradise, only i unwittingly met a whip that reminded me I didn’t know everything. Luckily, I was able to see that staying was optional, so I’ve been ln the long walk out, since.


  2. A♠,

    The Israelites were barely out of Egypt and through the Red Sea before the complaining about the grub began – grub that was literally coming down from the sky.

    But it wasn’t the food. It was the ‘slave mentality’ – if only the Egyptians hadn’t gone off the rails, we’d be back in Goshen eating leeks and cucumbers.

    The hasty exit was necessary. The destination wasn’t even in doubt.
    But in the end, they weren’t ready for freedom. There was no going back and they couldn’t get over it. When the spies came back from Canaan and put a scare into everybody, that settled it.

    Their greatest fear was dying in the desert, and it came true.

    The desert isn’t the worst place to hide when fleeing an oppressive situation. But if there is no destination in mind, you’d better damn well come up with one. Because either you’ll wither out there, or you’ll just end up in somebody else’s Egypt.


  3. My friends still make fun of me for breaking-up with a lady the “2nd” time that she went to jail. She was more proof of the correlation between “crazy” and “hot”.

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