“You’re just hanging out in flesh and bone…”





On the matter of the “Coronavirus”:


Why are we panicking?


Have you ever been stopped at red traffic light, then have it turn green only to notice the person stopped next to you didn’t go?


Sure you have.


And what did you do?


If you’re like literally everyone else, you didn’t go either.


You assumed that person has knowledge you do not.


Oddly enough, the first human assumption is neither “Maybe I know something they don’t” nor is it “Perhaps they’ve a motivation for their decision that I do not or doesn’t apply to me”.


Governments and societies are no different.


They are simply many people making the same mistakes individuals do – only on a much larger scale.


And, frankly, now that women run most of the world, it’s not really surprising that panic erupts over so small an issue. Small, I say. I’ll discuss why I believe that is below.




Although, that said, I’ll state now that much of this isn’t panic.


It’s hope.


This is the disease everyone wants.


The Left wants it to defeat “Drumph”.


The Right wants it to destroy open borders.


Big business wants it to destroy small business. It’s basically inverse predatory pricing. You force everyone to take massive losses knowing full well you’re the only one that can endure them. Afterwards, you’ll be even stronger by absorbing all the losers’ markets.


Women want it to destroy the workplace – because they realize they’ve been sold a bad bill of goods; that working outside the home is not empowering or liberating. It’s just shitty.


Men want it to destroy the workplace – because they have always known working outside the home is not empowering or liberating. It’s just shitty.


The few men and women that like their jobs want this to destroy their commute. So this let’s them add free time to their day by staying home to do it.


And preppers want it to destroy everything.


As I said:


It’s the disease everyone wants.


It’s intellectual “bug-chasing”.


In short, this is a scam.


And, like all scams, everyone is guilty.


The seller tells someone what they want to hear.


And the buyer agrees to ignore it’s too good to be true.




This began with:


Italy is a fate we must avoid.




We needn’t do much to achieve that result.


Why should we consider Italy an outlier?


They’re the 22nd most densely populated country in the world; the fourth most densely populated on the European continent.


Along with that, comes a few other reasons.


It’s the fifth most popular country for tourists to visit in the world.


According to its 2011 census it had a population of 59,433,744.


In 2018, it had 63.2 million tourists hit its shores.


That’s more visitors from across the globe than inhabitants.


That means more people visited in one year than they had living there.


Their entire country is merely 301,340 km2 (116,350 sq mi).


It’s fifth in the world for life expectancy which means it has the largest senior population in Europe at ~22%.


Also, they have a culture that very much relies on close, personal contact.


Frankly, it’s a miracle that such a thing didn’t happen sooner, and kill a much larger segment of the populace.



What about the numbers in the USA?


As of a 2007 study, there are ~535,000 illegal (“undocumented”) persons in New York City of which 23% are Asian.


Equating to ~134,550 potentially illegal (undocumented) persons that never underwent any type of health screen prior to crossing the US border whatsoever.


If we simply eliminate NY and NJ (whose hardest hit areas are effectively NYC suburbs) the US numbers immediately drop by ~52%.


Would this situation be even remotely concerning if this drop occurred?


I’ve been monitoring the situation for a week and that breakdown has yet to change in any way.


Also, in my monitoring, I notice that they’ve stopped giving details as to the conditions of the infected (especially those that supposedly died from this virus).


In brief, up to that point, everyone under the age of 70 (I spent hours reading them) had significant factors that compromised their health.


The top five compromising factors (in order of severity) are

Cardiovascular Disease
Chronic Respiratory Disease


So did the virus kill them or not?


A cascade effect occurs.


If I have cancer yet get hit by a bus and fail to recover from my injuries, did the cancer kill me or did the bus?


The question of the matter is what’s called “disease-specific mortality”.


And we’ve no solid data as to that number.




Even if we discount that point, among 80+ year olds, six out of seven that get this virus survive.


80% of all infected persons suffer only minor symptoms.


The best guess at disease specific mortality then under the age of 60 is roughly .46% [not accounting for a lack of pre-existing conditions which will actually lower that number]



The claim is that it’s 3% across the board but we’ve nowhere near enough accurate data to assert that.


It’s a shot in the dark from numerous sources of (dubious) reliability.




Regardless, all this is to say:


We’re enduring the results of a conspiracy.


I assert it’s an unconscious one.


Also, a terrible, world-changing virus could very easily exist and do tremendous damage thus warranting the measures we’re suffering – and more!


But this isn’t it.


As an aside:


4,636 people died of the flu (not counting pneumonia) in the USA alone during first 10 weeks of 2020, more than 100 of whom were children/infants [COVID-19, as of this writing, has killed exactly 0 persons aged 0-9 in the USA].


And everyone continued as they always do.



Some sources:






“How Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg sees the current Corona pandemic” (youtube)

“Lungenfacharzt Wolfgang Wodarg spricht jetzt LIVE über die Auswirkungen des Corona Virus Frontal21” (youtube)

Rational skepticism or quackery? — Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg’s take on ‘the corona panic’

Dr Joel Kettner, professor of Community Health Sciences and Surgery at Manitoba University, former Chief Public Health Officer for Manitoba province and Medical Director of the International Centre for Infectious Disease


9 Responses to ““You’re just hanging out in flesh and bone…””

  1. Walter Blackwell Says:

    The only question left is… who is profiting off of this?

    • Walter,

      That’s an excellent question.

      In the USA, it’s WalMart beyond a doubt, for one.

      This is the type of tactic (predatory pricing, which I mention in the post) that had them take over much of the US economy.

      As for the rest, your guesses are as good as mine.

      All the best to you & yours,


    • Where I live, every grocery store is busy, from open to close, every day. Every “essential” business stands to profit massively, not just because they carry what people need, but also because THEY’RE THE ONLY PLACES PEOPLE CAN GO! Most of the people I see at these places now don’t have a cart full of essentials – they have a few small things, and they’re milling in the aisles. They’re bored out of their minds. I’ve also never seen the parks so full. Jam-packed, every one. Walking trails that I normally only see a few people (if any) on in a whole hour now look more like a slow-moving caravan (only mildly hyperbolic – perhaps more like a disjointed gypsy caravan). Streaming services and online video game makers are going like gangbusters.

      I think the non-monetary “profit” that’s most obvious is to the Democratic Party here in the US. If they can keep things locked down long enough, people will get increasingly resentful of whoever is in power, regardless of whose fault it is (not everyone, obviously, but enough to perhaps swing an election).

      • 5k40,

        Excellent points, all of them.

        As for myself, I look forward to everyone saying “Lockdown worked!” in a few months, knowing full well an actual lockdown never really occurred (considering all the things you mentioned – and more).

        My eyes will roll fast and hard enough to generate electricity then.

        God bless,


      • 5k40,

        Funny you mention the election angle.

        Look who loves whom:



        Fondest regards,


      • Color me shocked…

        I think what kills me about this is that we already know that seniors are the only demographic (aside from the much smaller pool of folks with severe underlying health issues) that is at any kind of serious risk. The government(s) already know who these people are – they’ve been tracking and taxing them literally for decades. Quarantining the elderly (et al.) while also supplying ONLY the quarantined with some kind of economic relief would (a) prevent the economy from tanking, (b) allow for the natural development of herd immunity, and (c) call for a much smaller-overall stimulus package that could also be much larger per-capita.

        But, of course, no one (other than those directly affected by the virus) would stand to profit from that…

  2. Agent068 Says:

    This whole thing is sickening, just not due to COVID19. I agree with everything you said, it’s a scam. I think you outlined it very clearly and provided helpful sources. The problem is that most Americans are either too stupid to understand/take it seriously, or as you said, it’s what they want to hear.

    The few intelligent people are the biggest part of the problem. They have the mental faculties to understand, but they want it too much: working from home, I prepped so i’m better than you, here’s a picture of me at work in my face mask so I can get likes on social media, woe is me I’m stuck in the house trying to teach my kids, here’s all my old pictures from places I’ve traveled, omg my life is such a struggle right now while I’m in my pjs at home at 2pm. There are plenty of stupid sheep that don’t have the brain power to do anything other than what the boob-tube tells them to do. The smart ones are the issue. College educated without critical thinking abilities in this country. Well behaved, docile citizens accepting fate and even more lies. Oh, and gross too. We are filthy, disgusting animals and that is why we get sick. Wash your hands like an adult. I work in a hospital and the number of people that cough into their hands and touch door knobs and rub their noses, and put their dirty spectacles on my desk is astonishing. This is supposed to be the end of times and people can’t keep their hygiene in check.

    Where is the yearly Quarantine Hunger Games from December through March for the thousands of influenza victims every year? Are their lives less important because influenza is less sexy to the media? No bats or beer names, just a boring ol’ higher death toll.

    • Agent068,

      “This is supposed to be the end of times and people can’t keep their hygiene in check.”

      This is exactly why so many are calling for “lockdown”.

      Because no one wants to actually DO anything to stop/slow the spread of infectious disease, such as influenza. Which brings me to another line of yours…

      “Where is the yearly Quarantine Hunger Games from December through March for the thousands of influenza victims every year? Are their lives less important because influenza is less sexy to the media? No bats or beer names, just a boring ol’ higher death toll.”

      Spot on. When I say “It’s just the flu, bro”, I’m not being flippant.

      I’m saying INFLUENZA IS DANGEROUS yet no one thinks so because of all the points you mention there.

      Again, as you say:

      We can just throw dirt on them (children included) and move onward.

      They’re not sexy.

      Sincerest best to you & yours,


    • “Are their lives less important because influenza is less sexy to the media?”

      The media’s unspoken answer is “yes”.

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