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“Hungry for love and it’s feeding time…“

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I’ve responded – more than once – to my female critics that, for all of my criticisms leveled at women, I am easily one of the (if not the #1) most compassionate voices towards them in the ‘sphere.


In fact, I’ve even taken flak from men for being so.


Yet I stand my ground.




Understand, I see no point in making enemies where such need not be made.


My goal, in fact, has always been to bring both parties back into harmony (insofar as such is possible).


The reason for my attitude?


The benefits are palpable, being the largest factor.


The other only slightly smaller reason?


Since the Silent Generation in America (people born in the 1930s), men and women have been fed lies.


Sure, they were fewer and further between at the outset.


But, as time moved on, the trough was filled with increasing alacrity and quantity by a glut of deception.




What am I saying here?


That both men and women have been malnourished for decades.


Merely by different means.


Men have been starved.


While women have been given candy, cake, and all sorts of saccharine desserts.


Now, it may seem – at a brief glance – that women have been treated well.


Look again.


A child permitted nothing but ice cream and chocolate is not significantly healthier than one fed scraps and leftovers.


Both will end up deprived, ill and pushed that much closer to an early grave.


Only the symptoms of sickness will differ.




Atrophy versus obesity.


Vitamin deficiency versus diabetes.


Both unsated.


Both constantly craving that which is missing.


Both dying from want.


In short:


The cure isn’t to swap plates.


It’s to change, then balance, what’s on them.




“Can’t close the closet on a shoe-box full of bones”

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Perhaps it’s my generation (Gen-X).


Perhaps it’s the fact I had a controlling and overbearing mother and a disinterested father.


Perhaps it’s some combination of the two.


Or maybe it’s simply a weakness within myself, but – for the longest time – I never felt anything I had was really mine.


Regardless of the reason, I always felt my things belonged to my family and I just was begrudgingly permitted to use them.


Even if I paid for them with money I earned and they’d nothing to do with the purchase.




Now, certainly losing everything I couldn’t fit in a duffel-bag upon my fleeing Philadelphia westward was my fault, in the end.


But the fact I never felt truly in possession of my possessions contributed greatly to my error.


Why do I share this extremely shameful facet of my past with you?


For the same reason I share many of my successes and failures:


In the hope it’s useful to someone.


Which brings me to the observation I wish to offer.




I’m not a fan of the word “deserve”.


In many contexts, these days, it conveys (or breeds) a sense of entitlement, ingratitude and possibly selfishness.


Instead, I’ve adopted the term “worthy”.


I don’t deserve nice things.


However, I am worthy of them.


Whether it be time spent at the gym, a better pair of shoes, a cleaner home, et al, I don’t deserve it.


I am worthy of it.


Should, of course, I put forth the effort to acquire such.


In brief, it’s a concept I discussed in my book The Holistic Guide to Suicide:


A person is worthy of investment in themselves.




All too often in the modern world, men believe (via subtext or inculcation) they’re inherently unworthy of pretty much everything but the scraps offered them.


This is extremely destructive and – to my mind – a tremendous cause of self-loathing and depression.


In fact, it prevents them from any type of significant improvement – mental, spiritual or physical.


It’s one thing to think oneself undeserving.


It’s another entirely to imagine oneself unworthy of the fruit of one’s own efforts.


What you build with your blood, sweat and tears is yours, my friends.


Let no one tell you otherwise.


Your efforts crafted your creations and your worthiness, both.




Now, it’s possible you think me engaging in needless semantics.


Maybe I am.


Yet, I’d argue:


Framing is everything.


And the person that has no choice but to live forever in your frame—


Is you.




“…still we close our eyes. Not again.”

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Although I generally try to keep this blog steered away from current events while focusing on issues I believe to be more lasting, I felt it necessary to share a portion of the vast amount of research I’ve done regarding the COVID-19 subject.
This is not a coherent post, in and of itself.


Rather, a collection of data which I leave to you, dear reader, to utilize in forming your own conclusions.



To begin:
Docked in NYC, literally the hardest hit area in the USA: “…admit patients within a ONE-HOUR traveling radius from the ship” Treated ~120 patients (COVID & nonCOVID; had room for 500) from 30 MAR to 17 APR; 50 already discharged. Set to leave.

Roads are ostensibly empty (compared to traffic 6 months ago), yet they couldn’t fill the beds even permitting up to an hour drive time in what’s classified as the US epicenter.



In just a few weeks:

Record 30 million people lost their jobs
Billionaires grew $308 billion richer

This is after billionaire wealth grew 200 times faster than median American wealth in the prior three decades

Intended or not, this is the solidification of corporatocracy (as I stated earlier).


Gyms closed

Parks closed

Take out permissible and encouraged

Must stay indoors (severely limited physical activity)


Harvard gets ~$9,000,000 while saying we need to take precautions until 2022






Some studies






US death reporting guidance

From page 2

“In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely … it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as ‘probable’ or ‘presumed’.”

Money for numbers