“…if I was in a movie, I would never be this sad. And if I was in a movie, I would have more than I have…”







The few that know me (in real life) are aware that I adore screenwriting.


It is, in fact, my biggest passion.


I’m enamored of the idea that I can grab folks by the hand and lead them through emotions and events beyond the ken of daily experience.




I’m in love with the idea that I can make them laugh and cry.


Gasp and sigh.


Tremble and cheer.


All with the stroke of my pen and the images matching them by those that translate me well.




With that firmly in mind, I pass onto my readers one of the best pieces of advice I’d found in learning the craft:


Don’t write a film you wouldn’t watch.


Which is, gentle reader, to say:


Don’t lead an existence of which you would want no part.


After all, if you wouldn’t watch your script made images:


Why would anyone else?




See, the only audience you’re guaranteed for your entire time here on earth is in the mirror.


Thus, if you find what you project to be boring, unpalatable and unrelatable, don’t expect others to feel differently.




I strongly suggest you take these words of mine to heart.


Because, to paraphrase Ms. Chambers:


This is not Hollywood.


This is your life.








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