“…’I see ruins’, said he…”



Men chasing stable family lives before they, themselves, are even on firm ground.

Women delaying marriage and family creation for careers, “fun” and “self-discovery”.



Men becoming more feminine.

Women becoming more masculine.



Spoiled children leading their parents.

Parents letting children raise themselves.



Women forsaking male approval.

Men begging for female approval.



Hatred and censorship constructed in the name of tolerance.

True tolerance viewed as “siding with the enemy”.



It seems to me that everything is backwards, these days.

But then:

I suppose it’s all in how one perceives it.







6 Responses to ““…’I see ruins’, said he…””

    • A few minor corrections to the on-screen lyrics:

      It should read “…the one middle path makes me sad…” referring, in occult traditions, to the average man’s life [neither the “right hand path” (white magick) nor the “left hand path” (black magick) is taken]; also, it should read “no imps can do” referring to the fact that knowledgeable practitioners should not deal with lesser demons and their ilk; lastly, the line should read “he will give those with him 666″. That is, of course, if one believes such things.

  1. When’s a good time to seek a family, then?

    When my wild oates have been sown? When I have more experience in the bank to deal with problems more real than the ‘one’ I face now?


  2. It’s the whole rebellion thing of the 60s taken to an extreme. We are the rebellious ones now, turning our backs on the current “normal”.

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