“… just call upon my name, and I will come and you shall have the best of sporting, again…”

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I’ve said in podcasts, more than once – in fact, that Roissy/Heartiste is easily the best fellow in our corner of the internet from whom to learn pick-up techniques.


I freely and gladly confess, he is a masterful hunter.


Handling the brambles and fens of male-female interactions with skillful, impressive aplomb.




However, just because he’s an excellent gamekeeper – well versed in the lures and habits of his prey – does not mean he’s wise in his quarry’s motives, drives and thought processes.


I find, all too often, his theory is slipshod and (truth be told) weakly cobbled together from a singular perspective, rather than the results of failures and successes of generations in totality.


With that in mind, I’ll draw my dear readers’ attention to his most glaring inconsistency.


Roissy/Heartiste’s constant and consistent is the assertion that the “god of bio-mechanics cannot be denied”.


Gnon [Nature or Nature’s God] will always, without exception, will not be disobeyed fruitfully or for long.




Yet, he also claims that “flipping the script” [getting women to chase men], rather than what the “natural order” (“sperm is cheap; eggs are expensive”) dictates is the most powerful thing a man can do in his search for a mate.


So nature must be slavishly obeyed…


Except when it shouldn’t.


We’ve found a significant issue here, it appears.




Now, to be perfectly clear, I’m in total agreement that what he terms “flipping the script” works with an efficacy that simply must be witnessed to be believed.


However, I don’t believe that’s in opposition to the “natural order” in any way, shape or form.




I present the following to jump-start an understanding:


While I was in law enforcement, I had a great boss that, sadly, had sunk somewhat into nihilism.


He said, “There’s no point to anything we do here.


The only folks that matter are those that save lives.


Like doctors, nurses and such.”


To which I replied:


If they’re the only folks that matter, then what’s the point of saving anyone else?


Furthermore, if there’s no point in saving anyone, then what’s the point of having saviors?


He was dumbstruck.




All this is to say:


Men build, create and defend things worthy of continuance.


Women (ideally) maintain and continue such things.


But if nothing worthy of continuance exists, then there’s no need for support or reproduction.




Thus, sperm may be cheap.


But everything else men bring to the table (as so many labor, toil and die for it)?


Well, that’s a prize to be sought and caught—


No matter the toll of the hunt.







“… I wanna be, just like you, what you do, I want to…”

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If one were to present me with survey results concerning the most important qualities women seek in men, my guess would be:


“Confidence” would be at the top.


With “Sense of Humor” directly (and closely) beneath it.




Now, I’ve already discussed the importance of a sense of humor.


Along with what exactly is meant when women mention/request such.


[It is, in fact, different than how men commonly employ the term.]


Therefore, I’ll clarify the quality that alights upon the pinnacle of so many wish lists.




For ease of understanding, I’ll break it down into a simple formula:


D * (S + C) = Confidence


{D}ecisiveness (in our context) is the ability to determine – and settle upon – a positive course of action with quickness sans excessive input [meaning minimal or no input] from others.



{S}urety of Action (in our context) is the belief that one’s own course, activity or behavior is the best possible option to achieve one’s related goal.



{C}ertainty of Capabilities (in our context) is the faith one has in one’s own talents and/or skills relevant to the current goal or obstacle, as the case may be.




You, dear reader, can see how the formula works.


More importantly, you’ll notice which among them is the most important factor.




Notice, it multiplies all other factors combined.




See, women, being unstable at their very core¹, find decisiveness to be an incredibly necessary palliative to their existential suffering.


Not forgetting (as the other factors demonstrate), that acts and deeds speak louder than words.


As a side note, this is also why men who are quick to – or frequently do – apologize repel women; regular apologies demonstrate a dearth of the aforementioned qualities that comprise “confidence”.




Thus, “confidence” – the three in one item it is – remains perched high.


And, if eagles were able:


Wearing a smirk.




[ ¹ = Indeed, menstruation itself is a physical manifestation of the tumultuous existence they lead; the body is literally breaking down and reforming monthly. ]







“Well, well, who is under his spell is paying the devil his due…”

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The following is an excerpt from one of (now) Heartiste’s most popular posts:


“I once lost a girl I loved.  The rush of pain was so intense even a fight club pummeling couldn’t have distracted me from it.  But I didn’t stoically shrug it off.  I threw glasses at the wall.  I broke things.  I smashed up my apartment.

If you aren’t smashing stuff after losing a lover you don’t know the pleasure of relinquishing everything for love.”


I want to share those words with you for one, very important reason.


That reason?


I’m trying to save you this particular “pleasure”.




See, cocaine is a pleasure.


Heroin is a pleasure.


Excessive drinking is a pleasure.


And those little slices of dubious joy, such as the one the quoted text describes, are all best avoided.




Now, the immediate counter-statement is:


“Those are not comparable!”


Au contraire.




What difference is it if I “relinquish” my source of meaning, of happiness, of purpose to a girlfriend or a pusher?


A babe or a bartender?


A sex kitten or a kingpin?




None at all.


The keys to my kingdom are no longer in hand, regardless.


Plus, no one respects a junkie.


[As I’ve pointed out previously, female love for males is little more than what men call “respect”. 


Only its expression differs.




So, love (if you wish), of course.


It certainly is an experience worth having.


But do so judiciously.


And always with the understanding that, like an evening cocktail—


It’s best savored in moderation.







“… still got that feelin’ but I’m too old to die young now.”

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It’s been two months since I last posted.


That’s entirely too long.


But, as always, I have my reasons.




I’ll sum them up, in brief:


Health issues (serious dizzy spells which may or may not indicate a major danger).


Working on a paid writing gig.


Working on ‘The Holistic Guide To Suicide’


Working on a small collection of Lovecraftian horror stories to be released around Halloween.


Not to mention, trying to lose weight and get back into fighting shape (for a man my age, at least).




I hate that I’ve left this blog as neglected as I have.


However, my absence here has been a necessary one.


My paid gig must take precedence. 


(Devil’s Cut ain’t free.)


Yet, for a multitude of reasons and readers, ‘The Holistic Guide To Suicide’ is my most important personal project, to date.




Forgive my immodesty here, but I Truly get the sense I’m one of the very few qualified to write it.


And, inversely proportionally—


So many seem to need it.







“… and no one can bother me.”

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An extremely important associate of mine, Soapjackal, asks:


“What is your online policy [for dealing with others]?”


My answer:


1} Say nothing online that you would not say to the person’s face. Now, I’m pretty ballsy, so that gives me some leeway, but I still err on the side of caution.


2} Keep in mind – the vast majority (~95%) of folks online have absolutely zero desire to sincerely communicate. They want to get attention, vent their spleens or both. Only extremely rare cases have any True desire to exchange ideas. Therefore, unless the individual in question has had civil commentary to date, simply ignore their words.


3} The stronger the desire one has to reply to a heretofore unknown commenter, the greater the need for silence. The German army used to have a policy of denying the filing of complaints prior to 24 hours after the impetus occurred. This is an excellent method to adopt. 99 times out of 100, within 24 hours one will completely forget the once inflammatory statement.


4} Never reply out of boredom or anger. If you’re bored – find something more personally productive to do with your time. If you’re angry – scream into a pillow. The internet is forever. The other solutions are not.


5} In the event you actually respond, maintain your calm, be polite, be civil and be as “boring” as possible. Stick to sheer facts and plain language. In the (highly unlikely) event the person reads your reply with interest and thoughtfulness, then a cogent debate will follow. However, more often than not, they’ll get bored and simply drop the conversation – thus, saving you precious time.




For better or worse, there’s my personal policy.


All the best to you and yours,



“… zero to 60; can it outrun her memory?”

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[It’s crept into my mind often, as of late.


This particular memory that’s carved into my brain like a Purple-Heart recipient’s scars.


Thus (taking its consistent resurfacing as a sign), I share it with you, dear reader, in the hopes it shall be of some help.]





It was well after midnight and I sat four or five houses up-road from her place.


I stared purposely through the windshield of my truck.


I was going to catch her cheating on me.




See, my gut told me she was being unfaithful.


The suspicion writhed, restlessly, deep in my abdomen; twisting and turning like an agitated serpent.


My instincts screamed in my head.


Sirens to the naivete lashed, like Ulysses, to the mast of my stalwart character.


I would heed them – and feed them – all.


I was prepared for war.




However, it was then that my strategist’s nature found its way to the surface of my thoughts.


Escaping the drowning pool of my vindictive rage, it asked:


What goal is to be achieved in this battle?


No general deserving of his rank fights for a purpose unworthy of bloodshed.


So, Sun Tzu of South Jersey, what exactly is to be gained in this conflict?




I sat dumbstruck.


I’d no satisfactory answer to give.




Smug confirmation of victim-hood?


Justified indignation?




Which of those validated my efforts?



Neither a chest of doubloons nor a suitcase of $20s could buy back the seconds, minutes or (eventually) hours I’d spend attempting to snare her in her duplicitousness.


My time was more precious than any fleeting gain I may – or may not – garner by my jealous actions.




Most of all, however, I thought to myself:


If I trust her so little…


If I am so certain of her faithlessness…


If I doubt her honesty so much…


Why am I even desirous of her?




Quite frankly, if things have devolved to such a degree that I’m waiting in my vehicle in the middle of the night as if I were on a drug stake-out-


I should simply find someone new.


Hell, I could throw a rock, at this point, and hit a random woman that I’d trust more than my current paramour.




So I turned the key in the ignition.


Put my Rodeo in gear.


And drove off into the night.


Headed toward the sunrise of a brighter, new day.






“I just wanna lay here and let myself die…”

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[The working introduction for my upcoming book]




If you’re reading this, then (odds are) you want kill yourself.


To which I say:


Good for you.


It’s about g☼ddamn time.




I mean, cheese n’ fucking rice, how long are you going to be the world’s punching bag?


How often are you going to seek approval and validation for every little decision you make?


How long are you going to keep working at that loathsome job you hate that offers no prospect of advancement, let alone satisfaction?


Not to mention the effort to which you go to please/placate your parents.


(You’re way too old for that, by the way.)




Just end it.




Oh, wait a second.


Do you think I mean you should force the cessation of all of your involuntary, bodily, life-support functions?


No, no, no.


It’s adorable (and laughable) that you’d think you’re getting out of this that easily.


But you’re not.


See, you’ve decided to throw your life away.


And I caught it.


So listen up…