“Times have changed and times are strange…”

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I’ve a great deal to say.


But, to be perfectly honest, I’m three sheets to the wind. 


And have already spent much of my verbosity on @basedmattforney ‘s broadcast.






Thus, suffice to say for the moment:


Thank you, one and all, for reading this past year.


For commenting.


And, most of all—


For letting me know I’ve helped you through this trial we call life.






“… and I place a nameless stone.”

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There’s more advice than there are readers in our cozy, if sometimes bitterly cold, little corner of the ‘net.


Such is the limited market of Truth.


But one thing I infrequently see mentioned, let alone stressed sufficiently, is this:


The importance of male friends (for men).




See, so much emphasis is placed upon self-improvement.


Accumulation of wealth.


Acquisition of “notches”.


That simply having people that understand you; can relate to you; can share your joys and sorrows and make the harrowing march we call existence meaningful, seems to get forgotten.




Conquests may be laudable.


But who wants to be the Lord of Ashes?


How sumptuous the meal eaten in solitude?


What value has gold that cannot be spent?


Few are the pleasures as great as the act of sharing them.




Seeking a woman with which to share all of this is short-sighted, at best.


Since, being the ultimate pragmatists, rarely are they able to fully grasp the meaning of such triumphs.


(Damn near unique, is the woman that can – let alone would – appreciate something for which she did not, herself, strive.)




Not to mention, as I have said before:


Getting a man to fall in love is akin to digging a hole in concrete.


Tough to do; tough to replicate.


While getting a woman to fall in love is akin to digging a hole in sand:


Easy to do; easy to replicate.




Understand, there are no female pallbearers.


[Corpses are of little utility to the living.]


So when you die—


It’s men that will carry you to the grave.








While women do as they will.


Free to weep or gossip.


Whichever whim strikes them, at the moment.






“Don’t care if he’s guilty; don’t care if he’s not…”

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One of the most important topics that frequently gets mentioned in our corner of the web is, oddly enough, rarely actually discussed in any meaningful way:


The “rationalization hamster”.




This fascinating creature is either passingly mentioned as a nuisance to be acknowledged.


Or, more often, defamed as a monster to be slain.


Neither of which is satisfactory to your humble author here.




See, it should be treated as what it is:


A boon (if somewhat difficult) companion.


While I certainly have no expectation to change the parlance of the ‘sphere, a more accurate representation (to me) would be the “rationalization steed”.


Something to be tamed and made to work for the betterment of both parties.




PUAs may recognize the existence of such a thing but they do not spend enough time with it to see its uses.


Let’s recall a few lessons I’ve imparted over the years:


1} Women are the ultimate pragmatists. 


2} A woman argues to convince herself of things more than she does to change anyone else’s mind.


3} Women are inveterate gamblers.


4} To women, a problem is never a problem; only the feelings a situation generates are problematic.


5} As a group, women are never as present emotionally in relationships as they are physically (geographically, not necessarily sexually).




Now, with all of the above firmly in mind, realize that the rationalization steed will buck and kick constantly.


It knows only purposeless freedom. 


It cannot (rather than “will not”) see that there are long term benefits to a symbiotic relationship involving consistent submission on its part.


Its knowledge encompasses the “now”, with only impressions from the impact of past experiences and close to zero concerns for the future.


Such is the fate of beasts.


Thus, it must be demonstrated to it that in loss there is victory.




As gamblers, women are thrilled by the loss and want to see if they can win again (or, preferably, not).


As pragmatists, the more a woman invests (emotionally) the far less likely she will be to divest.


[Recall, men and governments are all too free with their resources, so that’s not often a consideration in the weighing.]


As inherent self-doubters, women constantly need to reaffirm their choices.


Thus, should a man make serious demands (somewhat frequently) yet give generously (on less frequent occasions), she’ll constantly be justifying her decisions to stay with him.




Break the steed and it will be eager to prove its worth.


Leave it to its own devices and it will run until someone else is able to do so.


Regardless of the fact that its life will be shorter and more arduous. 




Although it’s easier said than done, the secret is this:


Give the steed a burden light enough to permit it movement and a healthy gait.


Yet heavy enough to convince it to carry it happily to show its value.







“Let me see you stripped down to the bone…”

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Some time ago, reader Chad commented:


“… its clear you write for people seeking wisdom. Please don’t stop or change that, it is what makes you a delight to read.”


First, let me express my gratitude to him for saying so.


Thank you, Chad.


Second, I’d like to articulate exactly why I write and post what I do (forgive me if I repeat myself here).




See, there are plenty of sites, blogs and forums that discuss PUA tactics, bodybuilding, moneymaking possibilities, et al.


What is absent (in this glutted – if small – market of ours) is a fundamental, yet macro, perspective.


In short, the physics behind the engine that men wish to utilize.




Certainly, on occasion, I give specific techniques.


“Actionable advice”.


Templates or courses of action.


But, mostly, I try to present the most basic drives that spin the world – and those upon it – in the direction they do.




Sure, I could hold your hand.


But, in the long run – or even the intermediate run – what good would that do you?


Lines and actions that work for me won’t necessarily work for you.


You would, in fact, outgrow this site and my advice rather quickly (should you implement such), at best.


Or, at worst, think me a fool that provides little to no value.


Therefore, I write what I write.




Now, why is it in the style that I’ve chosen?


Two reasons:


1} The cryptic nature of it often causes the reader to work for the knowledge contained within. 


And one values more that which one struggles to obtain.


2} The cryptic nature also prompts further reflection after implementation.


Causing the nuances to become clearer and more personal.


Thus providing greater efficacy when utilized. 




That being said, these factors will prevent me from becoming popular in a world of quick fixes and instant solutions.


But I’m not here for popularity.


I’m here for you.


I’m here for me.


Most of all—


I’m here forever.







“Doctors Jeckyll or Mengele, and your face too, they’re just a blur…”

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One of the things women say that pisses me off the instant it passes their lips is:


“Men are such babies when they’re sick!”


The obvious misandry of the statement does not upset me, per se.


Such is commonplace in this modern world of ours.


Rather, it enrages me because it shows such base ignorance of the way of things.




See, the statement is audible verification of a failure to recognize something I pointed out long ago.


That is:


Men must be strong.


Women must be resilient.




To wit, sickness is not a lack of strength but a lack of resilience.


Thus, ignorant women (or women who feel the need to substantiate imagined superiority) are quick to point out a (misperceived) insufficiency with men.


It would be no different for a man to criticize a woman’s inability to bench-press 250 lbs.


Unreasonable, thus unfair, standards – the both of them.




I choose my words with serious intent here, so pay close and careful attention:


A man must meet challenges where a woman cannot.


A woman must meet challenges when a man cannot.


And both situations are frequent eventualities.






“Arm yourself because no one else here will save you…”

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I suppose it’s only natural that a man will fight when his woman initiates such.


He’s hard-wired to respond to her moods.


While she’s hard-wired to desire conflict with uncomfortable (for him) regularity.




However, I confess to you, dear reader, I smirk and almost imperceptibly shake my head when men tell me of battles chosen, battles forced and battles fought with the females in their lives.


Not because I’ve an aversion to conflict.


[In daily life, I seek it more than most – simply to get it out of the way and move onto better things. Regardless, that’s a tale for another day.]


But because it’s such a fool’s errand.


Not to mention, the issue she raises is rarely the True point of contention in her mind at the moment.




Thus, I give you, dear reader, this advice to save so many so much trouble.


If she wants to fight—


Give it to her.


Raise your voice (don’t yell, just increase your volume as if you were giving a toast at a wedding).


Stick to the facts; they won’t mean anything to her but it’s the torrent of emotions a fight evokes that she wants – not answers.


Ignore everything she says tangentially; wordlessly refuse to be sidetracked.


Slowly increase the physical distance between you.


Keep your eyes on her at all times.






Most of all, remember the following:


Your clever barbs and witty jabs will be ineffective.


She’ll just twist your words; affixing malice and cruelty where none was implied.


Your logic will be powerless.


Reason is putty in her sculptor’s hands; molded to fit her ephemeral desires.



Yet, there remains a trump card.


It is this:


The greatest weapon in a man’s arsenal is absence.


Thus, when the conflict becomes tiresome—




The lack of your presence, either instantly or gradually (depending on the sway you hold over her), will weaken even her steeliest resolve.


She will – swiftly or slowly – realize she has been left to a terrifying fate.


That is, undefended from the merciless assaults of both the world at large and, worst of all—









“Now I bleed for you; burn for me…”

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I often laugh at the arrogance of men in the ‘sphere.


Saying that their frame is indefatigable.






(As if the greatest men throughout history weren’t subject to feminine wiles.)




Join those haughty fellows, if you like.


But the wise shall heed my words:


Love women.


Appreciate them.


Treasure them while you have them in your life.


But never give a woman the keys to your dignity, your happiness or [most of all] your soul.




Because, while it’s your job to lift her up:


It is embedded in her very nature to see if she can bring you down.


And, regardless of her wishes


She’ll never relinquish that task.







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