“Let me see you stripped down to the bone…”

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Some time ago, reader Chad commented:


“… its clear you write for people seeking wisdom. Please don’t stop or change that, it is what makes you a delight to read.”


First, let me express my gratitude to him for saying so.


Thank you, Chad.


Second, I’d like to articulate exactly why I write and post what I do (forgive me if I repeat myself here).




See, there are plenty of sites, blogs and forums that discuss PUA tactics, bodybuilding, moneymaking possibilities, et al.


What is absent (in this glutted – if small – market of ours) is a fundamental, yet macro, perspective.


In short, the physics behind the engine that men wish to utilize.




Certainly, on occasion, I give specific techniques.


“Actionable advice”.


Templates or courses of action.


But, mostly, I try to present the most basic drives that spin the world – and those upon it – in the direction they do.




Sure, I could hold your hand.


But, in the long run – or even the intermediate run – what good would that do you?


Lines and actions that work for me won’t necessarily work for you.


You would, in fact, outgrow this site and my advice rather quickly (should you implement such), at best.


Or, at worst, think me a fool that provides little to no value.


Therefore, I write what I write.




Now, why is it in the style that I’ve chosen?


Two reasons:


1} The cryptic nature of it often causes the reader to work for the knowledge contained within. 


And one values more that which one struggles to obtain.


2} The cryptic nature also prompts further reflection after implementation.


Causing the nuances to become clearer and more personal.


Thus providing greater efficacy when utilized. 




That being said, these factors will prevent me from becoming popular in a world of quick fixes and instant solutions.


But I’m not here for popularity.


I’m here for you.


I’m here for me.


Most of all—


I’m here forever.







“Doctors Jeckyll or Mengele, and your face too, they’re just a blur…”

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One of the things women say that pisses me off the instant it passes their lips is:


“Men are such babies when they’re sick!”


The obvious misandry of the statement does not upset me, per se.


Such is commonplace in this modern world of ours.


Rather, it enrages me because it shows such base ignorance of the way of things.




See, the statement is audible verification of a failure to recognize something I pointed out long ago.


That is:


Men must be strong.


Women must be resilient.




To wit, sickness is not a lack of strength but a lack of resilience.


Thus, ignorant women (or women who feel the need to substantiate imagined superiority) are quick to point out a (misperceived) insufficiency with men.


It would be no different for a man to criticize a woman’s inability to bench-press 250 lbs.


Unreasonable, thus unfair, standards – the both of them.




I choose my words with serious intent here, so pay close and careful attention:


A man must meet challenges where a woman cannot.


A woman must meet challenges when a man cannot.


And both situations are frequent eventualities.






“Arm yourself because no one else here will save you…”

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I suppose it’s only natural that a man will fight when his woman initiates such.


He’s hard-wired to respond to her moods.


While she’s hard-wired to desire conflict with uncomfortable (for him) regularity.




However, I confess to you, dear reader, I smirk and almost imperceptibly shake my head when men tell me of battles chosen, battles forced and battles fought with the females in their lives.


Not because I’ve an aversion to conflict.


[In daily life, I seek it more than most – simply to get it out of the way and move onto better things. Regardless, that’s a tale for another day.]


But because it’s such a fool’s errand.


Not to mention, the issue she raises is rarely the True point of contention in her mind at the moment.




Thus, I give you, dear reader, this advice to save so many so much trouble.


If she wants to fight—


Give it to her.


Raise your voice (don’t yell, just increase your volume as if you were giving a toast at a wedding).


Stick to the facts; they won’t mean anything to her but it’s the torrent of emotions a fight evokes that she wants – not answers.


Ignore everything she says tangentially; wordlessly refuse to be sidetracked.


Slowly increase the physical distance between you.


Keep your eyes on her at all times.






Most of all, remember the following:


Your clever barbs and witty jabs will be ineffective.


She’ll just twist your words; affixing malice and cruelty where none was implied.


Your logic will be powerless.


Reason is putty in her sculptor’s hands; molded to fit her ephemeral desires.



Yet, there remains a trump card.


It is this:


The greatest weapon in a man’s arsenal is absence.


Thus, when the conflict becomes tiresome—




The lack of your presence, either instantly or gradually (depending on the sway you hold over her), will weaken even her steeliest resolve.


She will – swiftly or slowly – realize she has been left to a terrifying fate.


That is, undefended from the merciless assaults of both the world at large and, worst of all—









“Now I bleed for you; burn for me…”

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I often laugh at the arrogance of men in the ‘sphere.


Saying that their frame is indefatigable.






(As if the greatest men throughout history weren’t subject to feminine wiles.)




Join those haughty fellows, if you like.


But the wise shall heed my words:


Love women.


Appreciate them.


Treasure them while you have them in your life.


But never give a woman the keys to your dignity, your happiness or [most of all] your soul.




Because, while it’s your job to lift her up:


It is embedded in her very nature to see if she can bring you down.


And, regardless of her wishes


She’ll never relinquish that task.






“When your line is crossed, I get off…”

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Let’s look at a word, shall we?



ob•jec•tive (əb-jĕkˈtĭv)

adj. Of or having to do with a material object.

adj. Having actual existence or reality.

adj. Uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices: an objective critic. 



Now, men hear a ton of screeching regarding the “objectification of women”.


What makes this particular complaint so absolutely fucking interminable (in every sense of the word, and I choose my words carefully) is that it’s so g☼ddamn loaded.


See, “objectified” has a few interpretations.


Some of which women actually like. 


Needless to say, this confuses the ever loving shit out of even the best and most attentive men.




How should I explain such a complicated problem?


Tough proposition.




Ok, have you ever played a video game or role playing game with a woman?


Have you noticed that her avatar/character has to be hot as Hell (extremely physically attractive, for those unfamiliar with the idiom)?


More than likely, you sat there thinking:


“What the fuck does that have to do with anything?


You should want better weapons/greater strength/faster reflexes/etc!”



I bet you did.


And I’d bet a lot on that.


Why would I take that bet?


Because you’re a man and – odds are – you don’t grasp a Truth I shared long ago:


Sex and violence are omnipresent in human art/literature because they are the respective genders’ paths to power.


Violence = men.


Sex = women.


Thus, sensible folks play to their strengths and that happens to be where strengths lie.


Even those that otherwise deny reality fall into this subconscious strategy.  


(It’s also why so many men and women fail in the sexual market, these days.


But that’s another story.)




This is one of the largest hurdles for [modern] men to leap:


That women want to be objectified (to a point) and coveted because of it.




To put it in terms men can understand:


A man wants to be judged on the quality of his production.


Such production should be able to be appreciated across the board by anyone that sees it.


Thus, filling him with pride as so many see merit/worth in it.


Women are, in fact, only marginally different.


They want the same perception of their potential to produce [healthy children].




In fact, even rape fantasies are really about female power.


Mad, you think me?


Poor fool.


See, rape is a taboo.


A sin.




But if a woman can inspire such lust, such desire, such obsession in a man that has a great deal to lose (a man of high value), to the point that he forgoes his religion/laws/scruples—


Then she has the real power between them.


[Note: This is also why rape remains a fantasy most women would not want realized, as 99.9999999% of rapists are low value.]




Remember the opening of this post:


Objective – Uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices


Not being objectively coveted means that desire is a favor to be done by unspoken request.


Rather than an order to be obeyed.






“There are really no words strong enough…”

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Imagine you are a member of the King’s guard.


You’re a capable warrior. 


You have every right to be where you are in the hierarchy.


Yet, you are fully aware that there are plenty of other men in your unit that are just as good a soldier as yourself.


If not better.




However, late one night, you’re roused from your sleep by the King, himself.


He kicks the foot of your bed with powerful, unrelenting blows.


Until you awaken.


At which point, he states with the utmost gravity:


“You are the only one that can reclaim the Holy Grail.


No other has the qualifications to perform this urgent, all-consuming task.


I, and all I rule, are in dire need of you and you alone.”




How would you feel?


Very likely, you’d swell with pride.


You’d serve with eagerness and alacrity.


And you’d do what was asked of you, regardless of whatever suffering accompanied it.



Take a moment.


Close your eyes.


Really play that scenario in your mind and experience the flood of emotion that accompanies it.




Now realize:


That’s how a woman feels when the right man makes demands of her.







“There ain’t no one to blame for how I am; it was me, alone, who chose…”

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I’ve had quite a few friends over the years.


Sure, much of it is due to the fact that, in person, I’m very charismatic.


But, Truth be told, nigh on every single one of them has confessed they ride with me because, as one of them articulated succinctly:


“I always know where I stand with you.”




Another man phrased the same sentiment thusly:


“I’ll never find my girlfriend in your bed or your knife in my back.


You’ll look me in the eye as you stab me, if you ever do.”




Even men who’ve never met me face to face get the same impression.


@beppo_venerdi said of me when closing his podcast:


“Ace is a real straight shooter.”




Women get the same sense, too, in their own way.


One woman stated:


“I love you because you’re genuine. 


Whether you’re grumpy or nice – it’s real.”




@aliceteller voiced a similar feeling:


“I much prefer an honest sinner to those who insist on rewriting all traditional morality to suit themselves.”




Her words struck a particular chord within me as a my Roman Catholic priest friend of many years once told me:


“I don’t know if I abhor the fact you sin knowingly or respect it.”


It is his statement which brings me to my point.




There will be times in life (many, in fact) when you will do wrong.


You’ll not only do such, but do it with full knowledge aforethought.




Now, I certainly will never condone – let alone encourage – sin, but I must say this:


If a man’s got to sin, then it’s best he sin boldly.


Don’t twist it by tortured reason.


Don’t leap around it with mental gymnastics.


Aim the gun; pull the trigger.




Men may excuse you for doing what needed doing.


Women may forgive you since you made the situation yours.


Thus, finding your way clear.




However, alone in the moonlight or just you and the bottle—


admit the Devil won this round.


And pray God gives you another chance at getting it right.







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