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“…so when I’m in your neighborhood…”

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I don’t understand the Internet.

I’m accustomed to giving respect.

And being respected.

I don’t talk shit or behave like an “Internet tough guy”.

Because I’m from a world where your ass better be able to cash checks your mouth writes.

Sure, I was a nerdy white kid.

Sure, I’m exceptionally intelligent.

Sure, I speak like a college professor.

But I have a command presence that stops people in their tracks.

I look and dress like a Hell’s Angel.

And I can fight and shoot like damn few can.

I was born and schooled in an urban area that was voted “America’s Worst City”.


When I had a badge & gun, I kept prisoners in line with a few simple words:

Don’t run.

Because you won’t like it when I catch you.

And I fucking will.

I’ve stopped many a potential fight with:

I don’t want trouble.

And, Trust me, neither do you.

I don’t understand the Internet.

I hope I never do.


“Is that even a real thing?”

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I take a minimalist view in posting as revelations have greater impact when one puzzles them out for oneself.

Perhaps I need to forgo that idea and go into greater detail henceforth.






“Laugh ’til you cry; faith unto death…”

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Regarding my last post…


Female reader Kate chooses a song titled:

Bring Me To Life


How often must I prove my wisdom to you?

Because I grow weary beneath the mounting evidence.




“Two steps forward; three steps back…”

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Once more, I demonstrate my prescience:


The ever-popular château is very close to the mark but, as it frequently does, it stops just short of the larger Truth.

A man does not “revive” women.

He animates them.

Bringing them into existence from the life within himself.

[As he did in the Book of Genesis.]


Women are, as the study previously linked supports, mirrors.

Thus they reflect whatever they encounter.

Whether the trend be in/of environmentalism, fashion, literature, etc.

They do not create.

They copy or reproduce (dual meaning intended).

This is why they will cling tenaciously to a man, children or [worst case] a career.

Something by/with which they can define themselves.


This is also why the definition of Alpha is:

The man that provides the most appealing definition of reality.

Being mirrors:

They choose that which casts [to their own perceptions] the best reflection.


Thus, I close with a quote by the inestimable Frank Miller:
“You’re good… but me, I’m magic.”







“Are we having fun yet?”

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Possibly the worst thing that has come from our efforts toward “equality” between genders is the idea that what one sex considers a punishment is the same as what the other does.



Ladies, you believe the “silent treatment” is a punishment.

Of course you do.

Because you “social reference” everything.

Because you need consensus.

Because you need to be heard.

Men do not.

Thus, silence is merely the respite from criticism we enjoy.

What you deem “punishment” is actually a reward.



Ladies, you believe taking our children away from us is a punishment.

Which of us carried it for more than half a year?

Which of us fed it from our breast?

Which of us has been told, from birth, we are unnecessary for its development?

Again, what you deem “punishment” is actually a reward.



Ladies, you’ll deny us sex [after having it; a critical point].

We’ll simply say/do the same things to elicit it from another.

Thus, satiating our need for fresh conquests.

Once more, what you deem “punishment” is actually a reward.



Paradoxically [to you], the way to keep us is:

Let us [men] know we are irreplaceable.

Otherwise, as burdened as we are by society:

We’ll be happy to let another shoulder the load.






♪ ♫ ♪: Nickelback – How You Remind Me

“Got it mapped out in black and white…”

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Cop: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Me: Ostensibly, for some minor traffic violation. But, having studied law and being a former Federal officer, because I’m a white, middle class male that won’t accuse you of racism, sexism, police brutality or sexual assault and will meekly pay whatever penalty you assign; thus allowing you to fine me with no repercussions and thereby perform your duties without having to justify them to your superiors, co-workers or a judicial review.

Cop: Renew your registration. Goodnight.