Buy the ticket; take the ride

I’ve been around.

And I’m not telling you anything you, deep down, don’t already know.

”In spite of this, he deserves serious consideration, for he was a magician in the original sense – a mage rather than an ‘occultist’ or ‘spiritualist’. His character was flawed and complex, but his career certainly followed the parabolic course of rise and fall that seems typical of magicians.” 

– Colin Wilson, The Occult: A History

“Everything changes

It all stays the same

Everyone guilty

No-one to blame”

– Motörhead, Love Me Forever


4 Responses to “Buy the ticket; take the ride”

  1. Skunkbear Says:

    Brilliant. The kind only born out of the Pankration. The marrow, the blood, the viscera, both sweet and putrid. That is life, true life. The kind that willingly kills, born out of love for life. Most do not understand. We strive to. And 80 Proof is that window. Contempt for death. Love of life.

  2. Either tag this post as “about” or create an “about” category, and then list it as part of that category. And voila, the post shall be easier to find.


  3. I have a strong feeling he may have unintentionally left this out.

    On Purpose.

    The people who find this post.

    Will be the ones who get the most out of his blog.

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