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“How low how low can we keep digging this hole until we come out on the other side?”

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For those of you that don’t follow me on Twitter (or missed it in the sidebar), the deadline was met.

The Holistic Guide to Suicide has been released.


It can be purchased here on Kindle; here in paperback.


Or, if you have PayPal, leave a comment, and I’ll be happy to sell you a PDF copy directly.




For the record, I wanted to charge less than I am for the paperback but it’s already less profitable for me than the Kindle version.


Regardless, my sincere best to you all for your encouragement and support.


If you’ve been a longtime reader of this blog, know that the words on the dedication page are for you.







“…but I think there’s much more to the Truth…”

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Another excerpt from my forthcoming release The Holistic Guide to Suicide:


See, the problems remain; only you will have gone. A deceased relative will still be dead. A cheating lover will still be in the arms of another. A soul-crushing job will simply be occupied by another desperate person. A debt will still be owed to a bank. You’re just simply out of reach of any of them. Which isn’t really – at its core – what you want. You want the problem gone or to be a new person (without the problem). Death has been chosen simply because the problem seems insurmountable and a third option appears unavailable. As I said: it is a surrender, not a solution.

Now, this would be the point where many would further their assault on the poor choice that is death (surrender) by saying, “It’s a coward’s way out!” To be perfectly, brutally honest: they’re wrong. If suicide is for cowards then there are an awful lot of brave folks that are somehow unable to muster the courage to tell a waiter he got their order wrong. So let’s put that platitude/nonsense back into the cheap box from which is was never requested to be taken.

Although we’ve put away the accusation of cowardice, do not believe this renders physical self-annihilation a good idea. Cutting one’s toenails with electric hedge-trimmers is still a bad idea, even if one discounts the argument that it raises the utility bill.


I sincerely hope it is of interest to many.





“… as I take this pill and I wave goodbye…”

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I realize I’ve used this post’s accompanying track before but, as it’s effectively the inspiration for the book, I consider the song to be the leitmotif of the project in question.


That being said I’m working hard to have ‘The Holistic Guide to Suicide’ ready to release by Christmas Eve (24 DEC 2016)


For those of you that have yet to see it, here is the preface, as it stands:





I have a few, less intense projects planned afterwards.


Then, I’ll be returning to post here more regularly once more.


My sincerest best to you all.