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“There’s nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home…”

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In the past two weeks, no fewer than three women have told me – word for word:

“I really want you to have children; your genetics need to carry on.”



I share this not out of a need for praise or adulation but to point out something I believe has gone incompletely addressed in our circle.

That is, why women are attracted to men who engage in “risky behaviors” and “demonstrate expendability”.

In fairness, the surface has been scratched by many with with the statement:

“Women like the thrill/vicarious existence.”

Although there is some veracity to that, I believe it’s not the whole, deeper Truth.



Certainly, women are the pragmatic gender [as I’ve affirmed many, many times], so avoiding danger while gaining the thrill is a viable, predictable strategy.

But what about that makes it specifically sexually attractive, rather than simply a day to day method to be engaged in with anyone sans an erotic component?

By which I mean, those “dangerous, dare-devil men” are never “just friends”.



The answer is simple and – like all things between men and women – not at all “romantic”:

The parts of a machine most in need of replacement are the ones that are most assiduously replaced.

Remember, the goal of male/female interaction is, at its core, simply reproduction.

Why don’t women respond with intense sexual desire for an accountant?

Because there really isn’t an urgent need to replace his genetics.

Thus, barring other powerful motivating factors, he’s overlooked.



This is also why a man can seem to have absolutely nothing else going for him, yet be desired by many women.

See, females are life-creating machines.

That’s why they are here.

It’s their #1 biologically programmed goal.

In fact, their bodies are built for little else [as cruel as that may seem].



So, trip the trigger for them to feel the need to put more life on the planet, and you validate them in the deepest, most powerful recesses of their minds —

Then find yourself on the top of their list.