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“… still got that feelin’ but I’m too old to die young now.”

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It’s been two months since I last posted.


That’s entirely too long.


But, as always, I have my reasons.




I’ll sum them up, in brief:


Health issues (serious dizzy spells which may or may not indicate a major danger).


Working on a paid writing gig.


Working on ‘The Holistic Guide To Suicide’


Working on a small collection of Lovecraftian horror stories to be released around Halloween.


Not to mention, trying to lose weight and get back into fighting shape (for a man my age, at least).




I hate that I’ve left this blog as neglected as I have.


However, my absence here has been a necessary one.


My paid gig must take precedence. 


(Devil’s Cut ain’t free.)


Yet, for a multitude of reasons and readers, ‘The Holistic Guide To Suicide’ is my most important personal project, to date.




Forgive my immodesty here, but I Truly get the sense I’m one of the very few qualified to write it.


And, inversely proportionally—


So many seem to need it.