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“There ain’t no companion like…”

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While there is more than a little bitterness in the tone of the respondent’s words, I believe her to have a rather solid, accurate picture of the reality I postulated in the previous post.


To be clear, this is not to say she has no reason to be bitter.


I don’t know her or her situation.


My purpose, at this moment, is to point out that male/female-cat/dog is not “good one/bad one”.




Like their counterpart animals, the issue isn’t the nature of them that makes them troublesome or dangerous (simply ask Jackson Galaxy or Cesar Millan) .


It’s all (and – barring rare animal brain-maladies – I do mean ALL) in how those that bring the animal in question into their homes and communicate with them.


If one’s commands aren’t clear, they won’t be followed.


If one’s expectations don’t align with the animals’ well-documented qualities, strengths and weaknesses, then one is in for nothing more than frustration capped with disappointment.


If one fails – or refuses – to learn effective means to communicate and necessary maintenance procedures, then one will quickly be without a companion and – instead – have an adversary in one’s living room.




Lastly, it’s best to start off asking the question:


“Am I able to keep up the end of this bargain I’ll be entering?”


Taking on responsibilities one is completely unprepared to meet (regardless of reason) will make the above tasks exponentially more difficult.


Don’t have a cat if you’re allergic to them.


Don’t have a dog if you live in a tiny, city apartment.


And, most of all, don’t get involved with someone without expecting the level of work it will take to make it worthwhile.





“I’m a tiger when I want love…”

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“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea. ”

– Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love (1973)



I’ve never read Heinlein’s work (I know, shame on me; I’m not a big science fiction fan).


So, I can say with complete honestly, upon reading the quotation above I went immediately to the Internet to learn—


How many times he’d been married.


To my utter lack of surprise, I discovered he was twice divorced and thrice married.




To those readers that have been with me for years, it should be guessed instantly that I believe he has it all ※ completely backwards ※.


Relatedly, I believe it to be no coincidence that my father’s steadfast insistence “Every boy should have a dog” and the ‘sphere’s somewhat cruel insult to women to “Die alone, surrounded by cats” are intertwined more than most in our modern – post-agrarian – world ever suspect.


I’ll dive deeper into this particular theory of mine more in later posts but, for now, I’ll state a handful of points:


1} Dogs were domesticated since they traded freedom for nutritional stability and security.


2} Cats were domesticated only in the sense of living with humans peaceably. They were not – and are not – trained, per se, because their natural inclinations (hunting vermin) served human needs well enough on their own.


3} On the whole, women love cats for their low-maintenance and their independent natures.


4} On the whole, men love dogs for their loyalty, willingness to obey and generally submissive natures.


5} Neither cat nor dog is superior. They each provide value to different humans. Only need dictates worth.




The comments section on this one may or may not quickly alleviate any need for further posts on this topic.


If not:


“Just say a word and the boys will be right there

with claws at your back to send a chill through the night air”


If so:


“…well, that’s alright by me”.