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“… I wanna be, just like you, what you do, I want to…”

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If one were to present me with survey results concerning the most important qualities women seek in men, my guess would be:


“Confidence” would be at the top.


With “Sense of Humor” directly (and closely) beneath it.




Now, I’ve already discussed the importance of a sense of humor.


Along with what exactly is meant when women mention/request such.


[It is, in fact, different than how men commonly employ the term.]


Therefore, I’ll clarify the quality that alights upon the pinnacle of so many wish lists.




For ease of understanding, I’ll break it down into a simple formula:


D * (S + C) = Confidence


{D}ecisiveness (in our context) is the ability to determine – and settle upon – a positive course of action with quickness sans excessive input [meaning minimal or no input] from others.



{S}urety of Action (in our context) is the belief that one’s own course, activity or behavior is the best possible option to achieve one’s related goal.



{C}ertainty of Capabilities (in our context) is the faith one has in one’s own talents and/or skills relevant to the current goal or obstacle, as the case may be.




You, dear reader, can see how the formula works.


More importantly, you’ll notice which among them is the most important factor.




Notice, it multiplies all other factors combined.




See, women, being unstable at their very core¹, find decisiveness to be an incredibly necessary palliative to their existential suffering.


Not forgetting (as the other factors demonstrate), that acts and deeds speak louder than words.


As a side note, this is also why men who are quick to – or frequently do – apologize repel women; regular apologies demonstrate a dearth of the aforementioned qualities that comprise “confidence”.




Thus, “confidence” – the three in one item it is – remains perched high.


And, if eagles were able:


Wearing a smirk.




[ ¹ = Indeed, menstruation itself is a physical manifestation of the tumultuous existence they lead; the body is literally breaking down and reforming monthly. ]







“Well, well, who is under his spell is paying the devil his due…”

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The following is an excerpt from one of (now) Heartiste’s most popular posts:


“I once lost a girl I loved.  The rush of pain was so intense even a fight club pummeling couldn’t have distracted me from it.  But I didn’t stoically shrug it off.  I threw glasses at the wall.  I broke things.  I smashed up my apartment.

If you aren’t smashing stuff after losing a lover you don’t know the pleasure of relinquishing everything for love.”


I want to share those words with you for one, very important reason.


That reason?


I’m trying to save you this particular “pleasure”.




See, cocaine is a pleasure.


Heroin is a pleasure.


Excessive drinking is a pleasure.


And those little slices of dubious joy, such as the one the quoted text describes, are all best avoided.




Now, the immediate counter-statement is:


“Those are not comparable!”


Au contraire.




What difference is it if I “relinquish” my source of meaning, of happiness, of purpose to a girlfriend or a pusher?


A babe or a bartender?


A sex kitten or a kingpin?




None at all.


The keys to my kingdom are no longer in hand, regardless.


Plus, no one respects a junkie.


[As I’ve pointed out previously, female love for males is little more than what men call “respect”. 


Only its expression differs.




So, love (if you wish), of course.


It certainly is an experience worth having.


But do so judiciously.


And always with the understanding that, like an evening cocktail—


It’s best savored in moderation.