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“…got a vision in my mind; what I want you to be…”

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I believe Roosh V once said:

“If you’re asking advice on how to keep your girl, you’ve already lost her.”

Or something very close to that effect.



Now, I agree with Roosh V completely.

However, I wonder how many – Roosh included – realize why his statement is accurate.

The knee-jerk, programmed response from ‘sphere denizens will, no doubt, be:

“You became too Beta.”

Which is likely not, in its totality, incorrect.



Yet, there is a deeper, more important way to view it.

That is to say:

You stopped being the man with whom she fell in love.

Certainly, the odds are an increase in submissiveness on the male’s part is the culprit.

But defining it so is really just taking the quick-fix.

A Band-Aid™ on a bullet-wound, so to speak.

The Truth is you changed – by lowering your value – in her eyes.



How does this relate to Roosh’s words?

I’ll tell you.

See, even considering asking other men, let alone doing so, “what to do” will merely exacerbate the problem.


Because you are continuing, ever further, down the path of being someone else.

[AKA = A man she never loved.]



Instead, at times like that, a man should circle the wagons,

Take more time for himself.

Work on introspection.

[I believe it was that advised simply refocusing on basics – exercise, work, hobbies, et al – at such a time.

He’s absolutely correct.]

Leave her to her own devices more, if not totally.

[Of course, this is not to say that a man can’t comiserate with his friends.

We are human, after all.

There’s nothing wrong with venting and such.]



This is the True meaning behind:

“If you love someone, set them free.”

Really, you are freeing yourself.

And letting her decide if she wants to recapture you.





To extrapolate slightly from the information above:

This is also how to “escape the friend zone”.

Put bluntly:

Stop being the man she doesn’t love.

[Insofar as it does not conflict with your aspirations/desired self-image]

This may seem, at first glance, an oversimplification.

But, as any Taoist knows, the simple things are often the most difficult to achieve.




“Just like every cowboy…”

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Like so many poor, outcast, lower-middle class white boys did in 1950’s/60’s England:

I fell in love with the blues.

[And, by extention, classic rock since I was the same as they, just in a different era/location.]



I hadn’t been playing guitar four months when a band asked me to join as their rhythm guitarist.

It seems I’d talent enough to make them think I’d been playing far longer.



They weren’t together very long, doing glam-metal covers, but I kept playing.

When the split became official, I enlisted the drummer and found a new bass player.

We made a Hell of a power-trio.



We practiced in the basement of the drummer’s family.

It was some of the most fun I’ve had in my life.

Playing everything from Howling Wolf, to Elvis, to Zeppelin to originals, we’d rock the foundations of the building.

Very quickly, the drummer’s 14 yr old cousin would come down to watch and listen.


She was a cute, little girl.

And she soon had a tremendous crush on me.



Now, I was 21 at the time.

So any and all thoughts of something coming of it did not even enter my mind.

But I did feel a little complimented by the fact.



Time, as it always does, had all of us drift apart.

However, looking back, her crush means even more to me now than it did then.



See, there was a purity to it that I can now more fully appreciate.

Certainly, there was an undercurrent in the deepest recesses of her mind of budding sexuality.

But it was more awe than anything.

Seeing a boy [man] doing what he loves.

Being passionate.

Having others follow his lead.


Expressing himself deeply, yet wordlessly.

And wanting to be a part of that to her core.



Thus, I say:

Darlin’, I’ll remember that look in your eyes until the day I die.

Though, Truth be told, I hope we never meet again.

See, I’d prefer to remain that black-maned, dark-eyed, brooding guitar player – always clad in black – that captured the first stirrings of what would become your woman’s heart.

So, thank you, Holly.

Wherever you are.







“Any love gleaned from you, I had to beg, steal or borrow…”

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Being in a relationship with a Borderline Personality gal makes one write songs like this:



♠ Quake ♠

For every question I ask
You’ve got a lie

For every reason I live
(You) Give me two more to die

In the sunlight you bask
While in darkness I wallow

Any love gleaned from you
I’ve had to beg, steal or borrow

The sea starts to boil
The heavens, they fall
The fruit of my toil
Rendered nothing at all
The forests, they burn
The earth trembles and shakes
And everything that once was
Is lost in the quake

And every game that you’d play
I’d have to lose

Of the choices you gave
There’s no right one to choose

So much whiskey and pride
I had to swallow

Crawling that twisted path
You had me follow

The sea starts to boil
The heavens, they fall
The fruit of my toil
Rendered nothing at all
The forests, they burn
The earth trembles and shakes
And everything that once was
Is lost in the quake



© 1998

“You know the music brought us out, babe…”

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If you’re reading this right now, odds are, you know what Dungeons & Dragons is.

Sure, we could sit and rip it – and its fans – apart.

But the irony is that some of the most sought after, highly thought of people play it.

Make money from it.

Are famous for it.

And get laid because of it.

Who are those people?

Pretty much everyone that works in Hollywood.



See, what both groups do is play “make believe”.

Screenwriters and actors do nothing more, or any differently, than the “basement dwelling gamers”.

The only material difference is actors are [generally] better looking.

And screenwriters are luckier/better professionally connected.

That’s it.

(In fact, actors do less; someone writes dialogue for them.)



So, to any man reading now that makes good money, is just starting out on his new journey and really has no idea what to do,  permit me to suggest:


[Live Action Role Playing]



Here’s how the game goes:

1} Rent a limo for a night.

2} Get at least two friends.

3} Look online for some of your favorite bands and dress like them. Laid back? Fine. Outrageous? That’s fine, too. Although, try to coordinate your look with one another.

4} The “funny/wild” one in your group is the drummer.

5} The “quiet/laid back” one in your group is the bass player.

6}  The “charismatic” one in your group is the vocalist.

7}  The “brooding” one in your group is the guitarist.

[That’s if you have four. If you only have three, you’re a “power trio” and do the best you can along those lines.]

8} Come up with a name for yourselves [that hasn’t already been used, to reasonable knowledge.].

9} Come up with the album name and a few song titles.

10} This is your celebration night; you just got signed by a major label [which is why no one has heard of you yet – but they will!]

11} Agree on your sound. Rock (of some sort) is easiest. Mention bands you like as your “musical influences”.

12} Choose at least five bars/clubs you’ve never visited. Be sure to hit all of them.

13} Never buy girls drinks [or even offer]. If they ask say “There’s better stuff in the limo. You can have some when we roll to the next place.”

14} Keep the vibe high, happy and congenial. You just got signed and you will want folks to buy your material.

15} Don’t offer too much info but answer all questions. If you get stuck, just say “I’ve spent so much time in the studio I need a break from even talking about it, for the moment.”

16} No need to invent fake names or personalities but feel free to dial yours up a bit louder.

17} If you’re called out on awkwardness/shyness, simply say “I communicate much better through my music.” Smile softly.

18} If you don’t actually play the instrument you’ve been assigned – read up on it a bit. [You’re studying for a part, after all]. Choose what you’d own and use.

19} Don’t brag about all the cash you’ll be making [record deals are actually shitty]. Instead, share your pride about how your talent was finally recognized.

20} Remember, you’re not out to get laid; you’re out to celebrate. It just so happens women love a fun party.



This is a game; have fun with it.

Will this get you laid?

I won’t promise that.

Will it be a Hell of a lot of fun, make for a great story and teach you a few things?

That’s what’s important.



“What she said was not for the job or lover that she never had…”

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Let’s not laugh the above image off so readily.

Instead, let’s consider a few facts first:

1} Women want men in the top teirs of status most of all.

2} Women fear rejection far more than men do (for myriad reasons).

3} It’s so common as to be a trope that “chicks dig jerks”.

4} Women, being inherently solipsistic, “project” far more frequently than men.

5} Women are far more “risk averse/avoident” than men.



With all of the above firmly in mind:

Read the image’s words again.

However, this time, reverse the genders.




Having done that, let us think about “strong, independent women”, single mothers’ to thugs’ children, careerist gals with average/subaverage looks, truly bizarre women on dating sites, abrasive women with weak-willed men, lelf-loathing girls with abusive men, et al.

I’d be curious to see how many women would feel as though a chord had been struck deep within them.

I know of one, already.




“The judge said ‘This man’s a danger to humanity’…”

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Wald from the blog ‘Scar Tissue’ asked me to take part in what he calls:

A Week of Praise

[A week dedicated to affirming the goodness of True femininity]



At first, I was thrilled by the thought of it.

It’s a positive, well-intended direction in which to head.

With a worthwhile goal at the end.

But then I reconsidered.



Not out of “misogyny” or other such nonsensical accusations.

Rather, how could I compete?

The preponderance of great art was/remains about/dedicated to women.

The successes of modern civilization were mostly to provide greater comfort/saftey to women.



Can I write Anna Karenina?

Or compose Für Elise?

Or build Buckingham Palace?



And a week of praise?

Contrary to the lies we’re fed every day in hearty spoonfuls –

Art, literature, and countless other works of Man have praised women for age upon age.

Crack a classic book, Grimm’s Fairy Tales or listen to an opera.

The feminine woman is sung of to a degree I could not hope to match.



See, a man shows his love with his work.

Rather than his explanations.

While a woman shows her love with her sacrifices.

Rather than what she has.



Not to mention, in this climate:

Praise is next to meaningless.

Women, on the whole, either write it off or view it with suspicion.

The tragedy being, not that men fail to appreciate them-

But that women fail to appreciate themselves and what men do for them.

(That’s the paradox of Feminism = Despise and deride the feminine in women while tearing down masculinity in men.

What a hideous, destructive world-view it is.)



I’ve written songs, poems, stories and letters for women I’ve adored.

Thus, I’m by no means shiftless.

However, I know and appreciate my value, too.

So I invest it carefully, intentionally and with a great deal of discretion.



That’s how an outlaw loves.

Because, frankly

He has no other choice.