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“I just wanna lay here and let myself die…”

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[The working introduction for my upcoming book]




If you’re reading this, then (odds are) you want kill yourself.


To which I say:


Good for you.


It’s about g☼ddamn time.




I mean, cheese n’ fucking rice, how long are you going to be the world’s punching bag?


How often are you going to seek approval and validation for every little decision you make?


How long are you going to keep working at that loathsome job you hate that offers no prospect of advancement, let alone satisfaction?


Not to mention the effort to which you go to please/placate your parents.


(You’re way too old for that, by the way.)




Just end it.




Oh, wait a second.


Do you think I mean you should force the cessation of all of your involuntary, bodily, life-support functions?


No, no, no.


It’s adorable (and laughable) that you’d think you’re getting out of this that easily.


But you’re not.


See, you’ve decided to throw your life away.


And I caught it.


So listen up…






“They think that your early ending was all wrong…”

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It’s been months since I’ve last posted.


This blog is, however, very much alive.




I shan’t bore you, kind reader, with details that disinterest you.


Or excuses for which you’ve no patience.


Thus, I’ll simply announce that I’ve begun work on another book to be released this year.


The (working) title is:


The Holistic Guide to Suicide


A mishmash of sound advice, autobiography and gallows’ humor. 




I plan to renew posting but can’t give a definite start date.


Nor can I say when the book will be out.


All I can do is ask that you check in, on occasion.