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“Arm yourself because no one else here will save you…”

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I suppose it’s only natural that a man will fight when his woman initiates such.


He’s hard-wired to respond to her moods.


While she’s hard-wired to desire conflict with uncomfortable (for him) regularity.




However, I confess to you, dear reader, I smirk and almost imperceptibly shake my head when men tell me of battles chosen, battles forced and battles fought with the females in their lives.


Not because I’ve an aversion to conflict.


[In daily life, I seek it more than most – simply to get it out of the way and move onto better things. Regardless, that’s a tale for another day.]


But because it’s such a fool’s errand.


Not to mention, the issue she raises is rarely the True point of contention in her mind at the moment.




Thus, I give you, dear reader, this advice to save so many so much trouble.


If she wants to fight—


Give it to her.


Raise your voice (don’t yell, just increase your volume as if you were giving a toast at a wedding).


Stick to the facts; they won’t mean anything to her but it’s the torrent of emotions a fight evokes that she wants – not answers.


Ignore everything she says tangentially; wordlessly refuse to be sidetracked.


Slowly increase the physical distance between you.


Keep your eyes on her at all times.






Most of all, remember the following:


Your clever barbs and witty jabs will be ineffective.


She’ll just twist your words; affixing malice and cruelty where none was implied.


Your logic will be powerless.


Reason is putty in her sculptor’s hands; molded to fit her ephemeral desires.



Yet, there remains a trump card.


It is this:


The greatest weapon in a man’s arsenal is absence.


Thus, when the conflict becomes tiresome—




The lack of your presence, either instantly or gradually (depending on the sway you hold over her), will weaken even her steeliest resolve.


She will – swiftly or slowly – realize she has been left to a terrifying fate.


That is, undefended from the merciless assaults of both the world at large and, worst of all—









“Now I bleed for you; burn for me…”

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I often laugh at the arrogance of men in the ‘sphere.


Saying that their frame is indefatigable.






(As if the greatest men throughout history weren’t subject to feminine wiles.)




Join those haughty fellows, if you like.


But the wise shall heed my words:


Love women.


Appreciate them.


Treasure them while you have them in your life.


But never give a woman the keys to your dignity, your happiness or [most of all] your soul.




Because, while it’s your job to lift her up:


It is embedded in her very nature to see if she can bring you down.


And, regardless of her wishes


She’ll never relinquish that task.