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“… just call upon my name, and I will come and you shall have the best of sporting, again…”

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I’ve said in podcasts, more than once – in fact, that Roissy/Heartiste is easily the best fellow in our corner of the internet from whom to learn pick-up techniques.


I freely and gladly confess, he is a masterful hunter.


Handling the brambles and fens of male-female interactions with skillful, impressive aplomb.




However, just because he’s an excellent gamekeeper – well versed in the lures and habits of his prey – does not mean he’s wise in his quarry’s motives, drives and thought processes.


I find, all too often, his theory is slipshod and (truth be told) weakly cobbled together from a singular perspective, rather than the results of failures and successes of generations in totality.


With that in mind, I’ll draw my dear readers’ attention to his most glaring inconsistency.


Roissy/Heartiste’s constant and consistent is the assertion that the “god of bio-mechanics cannot be denied”.


Gnon [Nature or Nature’s God] will always, without exception, will not be disobeyed fruitfully or for long.




Yet, he also claims that “flipping the script” [getting women to chase men], rather than what the “natural order” (“sperm is cheap; eggs are expensive”) dictates is the most powerful thing a man can do in his search for a mate.


So nature must be slavishly obeyed…


Except when it shouldn’t.


We’ve found a significant issue here, it appears.




Now, to be perfectly clear, I’m in total agreement that what he terms “flipping the script” works with an efficacy that simply must be witnessed to be believed.


However, I don’t believe that’s in opposition to the “natural order” in any way, shape or form.




I present the following to jump-start an understanding:


While I was in law enforcement, I had a great boss that, sadly, had sunk somewhat into nihilism.


He said, “There’s no point to anything we do here.


The only folks that matter are those that save lives.


Like doctors, nurses and such.”


To which I replied:


If they’re the only folks that matter, then what’s the point of saving anyone else?


Furthermore, if there’s no point in saving anyone, then what’s the point of having saviors?


He was dumbstruck.




All this is to say:


Men build, create and defend things worthy of continuance.


Women (ideally) maintain and continue such things.


But if nothing worthy of continuance exists, then there’s no need for support or reproduction.




Thus, sperm may be cheap.


But everything else men bring to the table (as so many labor, toil and die for it)?


Well, that’s a prize to be sought and caught—


No matter the toll of the hunt.