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“I could be wrong…”

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“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.”


Yet again, I find myself at odds with the ‘sphere.

And very much of the mind that the greater point has been missed by all.


This whole “Mintergate” [h/t Dr. Illusion] has folks in a tizzy.

But I’m of the mind that no one is ‘fessing up to the real reason it bothers/delights them.


The True issue at heart is rather obvious when one considers the source of the reactionary comments.

Women and traditionalist men, nigh to the point of exclusivity, support him.

The “alt” crowd [PUA’s, MRM’s MGTOW’s, etc] derides him.

The issue at the core of it all is one thing:


Fear that a man may never Truly be free from certain pulls.

Fear that, regardless of the strength of one’s motivation’s, one may behave counter to them.

Fear that the “red pill” is a palliative rather than an inoculation.

Fear that death [of a sort] comes for us all.


To put it less bleakly, I’ll let Disney explain:



Of course women and traditionalist men have no fear of it.

It’s part of their script.

Their very identity.

Conversely, much of the “alt” crowd fears it because it is very much the antithesis of their identity.

In my book, no one gains or loses points either way for simply acting out the role they’ve assumed.



Being my usual self, I could not care less as to which side anyone finds themselves.

I cast no stones either way.

I am merely doing what I always do:

Shedding light on what I perceive to be the larger, deeper image.









“Justice is coming to all of us. No matter what the fuck we do.”

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The popular blogger Delicious Tacos has a fascinating post:

The reason I call it “fascinating” is that the audience should, in fact, despair.

But not the male readers.



See, if you’re a female, you should be getting approached so often and so regularly, that the idea of a dating site should be anathema.

If you’re a female, you should be honing the already keen abilities nature gave  you by practicing daily in the arena  [suited better now than ever in human history] for your talents – the outside world.

If you’re female, you should be utilizing the tremendous [real life] social network it’s in your nature to create to locate available men and learn more about them to see if they meet your needs.

But the lamentable fact is, if you’re female, it’s very likely:

You’re not doing any of those things.



Instead, it’s likely you can’t even “see” any eligible men.

Because you don’t even know what you need.

You only know what you’ve been told you need.

Plus, being female, you have a severe aversion to going contrary to the sisterhood.



To compound matters further, all the “you go grrl”isms only make you feel shitty and still rarely – if ever – give you the courage to pursue the men you need.

As evidenced by the fact you get hundreds of messages a day as opposed to phone calls and dates.

Of course, the inevitable reply is:

“Those men would most certainly date or call me!”

Probably, yes.

But you don’t want any of them.

[In fact, the kind of man you want is very unlikely to be on a dating site, at all.]

And what good is a free lunch if you’re allergic to the contents?



What so many fail to grasp is this:

Young women have so much sexual marketplace power for one reason—

They need it.



The bitter Truth is any man can have his needs met by any woman.

What he needs is so very simple, just about any woman can do them.

[Willingness is another matter, entirely, but let’s not get off track.]

Yet women need so many things, not every man can give them.

Hence, they have the initial power of choice.



Will I ever get that amount of attention?

Hell, no.

But I’m a man.

I don’t need it.

If I see a woman I want, I go get her and make her mine.

I don’t need options because I can create them.

Women take what comes their way.



Much like Shelley’s poem, women have created a reality in which they are the most powerful being.

And it’s meaningless.



And on the pedestal these words appear:
“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!”
Nothing beside remains: round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away.


“… with her 100 miles to…”

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Though I dislike the term [for reasons I’ve addressed in a previous post]:

The Red Pill is notoriously hard to swallow.

Many manage the feat.

Though, Truth be told, most don’t.



Call it a cruel act of Fate.

The Just Hand of God.

The result of randomness.

Regardless of cause, the reality seems akin to punishment – if not simple brutality – more than anything.

Yet, like handwriting in a mirror:

It makes perfect sense when the method behind it is discerned.



Contrary to what a superficial knowledge of my work may imply, I’m often one of the more hopeful voices.

The sharp and witty commenter Vicomte explains it, thus:

“Perhaps I’m simply more cynical than you, are, Ace.”


That’s certainly a possibility.

Although I prefer to say:

Most of the denizens of Hell bemoan the walls and cages.

Whereas I look upon them and see the fingerprints of God in the masonry and ironwork.

Marveling at both its majesty and that of its Creator.














“Come and whisper in my ear…”

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I must admit, I almost fell over laughing when I read this:

This is A♠, so hang with me here a minute.



10,000 members?

That’s the very definition of “laughable”.

As much as I love the ‘sphere, to be completely honest:

I know Facebook does more for our cause than any other site, thus far.

Let me explain.



I haven’t had a Facebook account in years.

I know it’s a data-mining, “Blue-Pill”, narcissistic playground.

Yet, I wish, Truly, that it was around when I was growing up.



See, Facebook is where the Feminine Mystique goes to die.

It is there women display their hypergamy.

Their love for “bad boys”.

Their disregard for “nice guys”.

Their double standards.

Their disconnect regarding words/actions.

Yes, it is there the very root of women’s power is pulled up and tossed on the fire to be burned like chaff.



See, when I was a very young man, I saw those things in very limited and small doses.

So it was easy – much easier, in fact – to believe the lies that “not all women are like that”.

Nowadays, any male with an internet connection and a 3rd grade reading level can be shown to some degree, contrary to indoctrination:

All Women Are Like That.



Want to know if a woman is good for an LTR?

Just look at her profile, updates and photos.

She’ll tell you.

Want to know what she’ll look like in 25 years?

Check out her mom’s profile.



Even if only one in 1,000 boys/men on the site come to terms with what we term “the red pill” through Facebook:

That’s still far beyond what the ‘sphere can [and, sadly, may ever] do.



As I’ve said before:

I’ll take my allies where and when I can get them.

And I’ll gladly hand villains the rope with which to hang themselves.









“I can hardly hear you say ‘What should I do?’; Well, you choose…”

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In my prior post, I mentioned that I disagree with the ‘sphere approximately 10-30% of the time.

I’ll give my True readers an example.

If they promise to grab a drink, buckle up and get ready for a ride they’ll likely have to take more than once.




One of the main things I believe, contrary to the ‘sphere is:

“Just be yourself” is fantastic advice.

Everyone from the ancient Greeks to Sun Tzu advocated “knowing thyself” to achieve victory.

See, the problem isn’t the advice.

It’s the listener.



People hear that and think:

“Oh, so I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing.”

What I’m telling you is, very probably, that’s not being yourself.

If you’re under the age of 70, you grew up with television, teachers and a million other influences that all combined to make the mess you currently are.

I’m saying that you, very likely, have no fucking clue who you are.



Instead, you rely on external sources to validate, guide, confine and define you.

You hide in video games and fashion magazines and reality TV and social circles.

All of which tell you who to be.



Are you really a drug addict?

Or are you running from a trauma?

Are you really fat?

Or have you just given up/continued bad habits you picked up in your youth?

If a woman with curly hair sees another woman, then sighs:

“I wish I had beautiful, long straight hair like that.”

Is she being herself by keeping her curls?

Or is she letting genetics tell her who she is?



Sure, there are some things we can never change about ourselves.

But you’d be amazed at how few they are.

I hate Louie CK but he nailed it when he said:

“Everything is amazing and nobody’s happy.”

You’re lucky enough to live in a era when information and technology can permit you to be exactly who you are to the core of your soul.




Yet, everything is telling you to be what they want you to be.

So stop listening to the internet, the television, society and – most of all – your parents.

Instead, sit down with a piece of paper and a pen.

Describe the person you feel you are.

Warts and all.

Then look in the mirror.

Then look around your abode.

Then start getting rid of shit, inside and out, that doesn’t match the page.





There’s a part of the Bible wherein a thief hanging on a cross next to Christ rebukes the other condemned with them.

The rebuking thief owns his flaws, owns his punishment but refuses to be worse than he is at his core.

If you follow my words and his example here:

You’ll be closer to Paradise than you’ve ever been.


“Gotta look this world in the eye…”

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I’ve been asked a few questions recently.

As I pride myself on replying, to readers and nonreaders, alike, I’ll do so now.


“What you’re telling me is that you oppose 95% of what the so called manosphere stands for? So why are you associated with them…?”

– The black pill, in reply to a comment I’d left him


95% is way too high a percentage.

I’d say [accounting for the constant and heavy fluctuation in the ‘sphere’s membership] I disagree with 10-30%.

But that’s paltry when compared to how much I disagree with pretty much everyone else.

Also, being the outlaw I am, I take allies where I can find them.

I work with them as long as it suits me.

Should I feel abused, neglected or unappreciated, I end the affiliation.

I’m not a dog.

Men and women have my loyalty as long as they earn it.

I expect to be treated no differently.

Of course, don’t misconstrue canceling a contract as betrayal.

They are vastly different things.



Doctor Illusion asked for my thoughts on marriage/cohabitation.

As he states it exactly as I would, I’ll let the inestimable Lemmy of Motörhead say it for me:




Rojo Escobarrio asks:


“You strike me as a southern cat. Am I correct?”


Love both the phrasing and the question more than I can say.

But, no, I am not.

I’m originally from Camden, NJ (voted America’s worst city – twice).

Many folks have said I’m a cowboy, anyway



Wald from the blog ‘Scar Tissue’ asked what got me into blogging.

That’s a long story that deserves a better answer than this, and I’ll provide it someday soon.

But, for now, I was in a therapy session for suicidal depression and the therapist suggested a journal.

I figured:

If I can’t be well, I may as well write.




“If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man…”

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Mae West:  Is poker a game of chance?

W.C. Fields:  Not the way I play it.

— From the film,  My Little Chickadee



I’ll play poker against Rollo Tomassi any day.

Earl, not so much.

I’ll explain why that is, now.




Sunshine Mary has a phenomenal post and dialogue here:



Read it?


Here are the comments that leapt out at me:



I’m usually very deep and cryptic.

So I’ll try to make it a little easier this time ’round.



See, what’s happening here is this:

Rollo is at the poker table playing cards.

He’s smart, insightful, knowledgeable and knows the rules cold.

But the problem is he’s still playing cards.



Earl is playing the other players.

Learning their alien thought-patterns.

Their risk assessment technique.

And, most of all, their “tells”.

That’s how to win at poker.



Rollo fails to grasp Earl’s meaning as Rollo is defining thinking about sex as a man would.

Earl realizes women are always thinking about sex.

If they didn’t, why are romance novels almost exclusively written, read and shared by women?

Why is everything a woman does dedicated to attracting a mate (consciously or unconsciously)?

Why is it when women gather the subjects discussed always end up relating to men and sex?

Battle strategy.



See, boys think about violence.

Girls think about sex.

Both are simply each gender’s path to power.

Earl gets this at a deep level.

He understands sex and violence are the exact same things at heart.



What men fail to grasp, as a whole, is women are the more pragmatic gender.

They’ve no use for rules, honor and other such “niceties”.

As they inhibit chances of survival for the individual.



Sure, those things work for the whole of civilization.

But why bother to build a city when you can do your hair, paint your nails, shave your legs and move into someone’s nice house?


That’s why not.



Later on in the thread, Sunshine Mary mentions the fable of  ‘The Scorpion and The Frog’.

Now, I understand why she does that.

But I must counter with:

No sane man goes to bed with a scorpion between his sheets.



However, to maintain her thought process, I’ll counter with an addition to the story:

“I’m a scorpion; it’s my nature”

“Ah, good; I don’t feel so guilty”, replied the frog.

As they both sank beneath the water, the scorpion gasped out, “Why is that!?”

“Because I’m not able to make it to the other side.

I came here to drown at the place of my birth, as I am old and tired.

And did not wish to die alone.”




Earl, I’ll still play poker with you.

You can choose the amount of cards in the hands.

After all—

I only need one.




[All of this is the wisdom to which I was alluding in this post: ]


“I thought I was the only one, but that was just a lie.”

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[Long ago:]



He’s teaching me to use a firearm.

And he’s teaching me well.



As we go over the proper procedures, we make small talk.

After all, we’re both Federal officers.

When the conversation goes deep, he’s intrigued to learn I’m a political scientist.



His eyes snap on me to the sound of a bullet being chambered.

“Do you think our founding fathers had this in mind? I mean, where our country is now? Because I don’t.”


Neither do I.



My agreement stems from my education.

Both formal and social.

It’s not due to some imagined intimidation.



I elaborate.

Now we’re both instructors.

I teach him to see through the lies.

As he teaches me to use a firearm.