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“If I can’t swim after 40 days…”

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There’s a concept that’s gained some traction in the ‘sphere over the past year or so.


That idea being:


“Women ruin everything.”


Now, that statement is worse than a lie.


It’s a half-Truth.




See, what gets forgotten is that women are keepers of the mean (standard; average).¹


This, like so many human qualities – both male and female – is a double-edged sword.


Since women have been given, more or less, a “can do no wrong” status by modernity, this quality has manifested negatively.


As there are far more average people than exceptional, its expression manifests as a dragging down of the Truly meritorious. 


Everything from lowering educational standards to fat acceptance is embraced to bring everyone to the center.


Often kicking and screaming.


What gets forgotten, however, is that women also tirelessly endeavor to lift people up.




See, when the West was prosperous, men engaged in work and business.


While women, once their families had grown, entered charitable organizations.


In fact, this was much of the cause of Western prosperity, rather than it’s downfall.


Things only collapsed when each gender was placed where it acts most negatively.


Men given more free time (which men utilize selfishly).


Women given more production-oriented work (which women utilize selfishly).




In the end, there’s no need to change what we are.


Merely, how we ask others and ourselves to be put to use.









¹ = This is why there are no actual female “nerds” or “cool chicks”.


Because said labels are for those outside the average.



And women can’t be outside the average because they define it.