“She stabs her dolls and she buries them 6 feet deep…“







Sex sells.


It’s everywhere.


With good reason, I grant you, but its omnipresence is tiresome considering so few seem to truly understand its actual complexity.




Yes, we all know where “babies come from”.


The ‘sphere has discussed its bonding power (to a twisted point).


And the power it has over men, specifically, has often been addressed, although at a mostly surface level.


Before we go further, permit me to say:


I realize using the “number rating system” for female attractiveness is a bit gauche; I’ll employ it here for clarity at one point, regardless.


Since, let’s be honest, men (and even women) fully grasp and follow it easily.




Now, I’ll cover a few things that I believe have been far too unspoken in these parts.


1} There are two separate but equal paths to power: sex and violence. Each is given to a gender as a means to their particular ends. The promise – and judicious use – of both is crucial to success. All art and literature circle those fraternal twins in awe and obeisance for those very reasons.


2} When sex occurs, both parties think themselves conquerors. Both may be correct but one always, definitely is. Motivations to that moment matter and decide the victor, especially if there’s only one. Ideally, both are predator and prey. This, sadly, is not always the case.


3} Victory in the sexual realm has a cost. Both parties surrender something; a price is paid. Only the currency differs. Women lose value to the next man in their lives; men lose the uniqueness that the next woman offers (at the very least).


4} Casual sex is as much a ludicrous fallacy as casual violence. Both take significant, long term tolls on the mental health of the perpetrator. Dehumanization of others stems from both and dehumanizing others increases the individuals loneliness by orders of magnitude.




The following is a bit too much to make a bullet point, so I’ll try to elucidate it outside the preceding list.


I’ve a few thoughts.


I’m unsure how many sexual conquistadors would agree but I’ll posit it nonetheless.


The hottest women (≥8) are bad in bed.


They labor (or, more accurately given context, fail to labor) under the impression that their attractiveness is enough to carry them through a sexual encounter.


[NAXALT, of course]


Their belief is patently untrue.


A distant, aloof lover is no lover, at all.




I’ve found – in my comparatively limited experience to countless (online) Lotharios – ideal is sex is had with a 6-7 (an occasional 8 may be an exception).


Such women are attractive enough to generate arousal but not so hot as to feel arrogant in their desirability.


Thus, they make for eager yet appealing lovers.




Lastly, I’ll address a topic near to me:


“Crazy girls fuck best.”


Whew, boy do they.


Why is that?


They’ve so little self-worth that they’ll gladly debase themselves in any way necessary to be the victor in the sexual act.


They think themselves nothing so they believe there’s nothing to lose.


What’s the problem with that, a man may ask?


You’ll find out in short order, my friend.


I promise you.


Because, as one of the solipsistic gender:


If she thinks so lowly of herself—


You’re so far beneath her as to be underground.



5 Responses to ““She stabs her dolls and she buries them 6 feet deep…“”

  1. Allow me to try to rephrase what I think the core message is in my words.

    There are two* main arguments – the points lined up (A) 1-4 and the section about why (B) crazy women “fuck best”. I apologize in advance for me giving your post the Rollo Tomassi treatment.

    (A) The four points:

    1) Both men and women have their own paths to success – for men it’s violence and women it’s sex. Both paths to success rely on the Goldilocks approach to portion control – not too little, no too much. Also – the right/wrong amount of sex/violence applied to the right/wrong man is what unlocks/closes doors. It’s so simple on its face, but actually, it’s not. Careless in both are what end lives and launch thousands of ships.

    2) Men often seek sex as the prize where as women see sex as the tool to get whatever prize, usually through men who fail to see that. Women have the same outlook towards men and violence, thinking that to men violence is the prize as evidenced by how women who ape “manly characteristics” are ineffective bitches. They fail to see that violence is towards a goal for men, not an end in of itself.

    Men play cops and robbers. Women talk about relationships and make up and boys. Both accuse each other of being needlessly violent or boy crazy respectfully. Just because you can’t see the ulterior motive behind an action doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In an ideal scenario both a man and woman’s motivations line up – having a family.

    3) Non-judicious use of both sex and violence has a cost that is not always readily apparent. [Improper use of] violence begets more violence. As for sex, the manosphere has beaten the cost for women to death. And avoided talkng about the cost for men like covid-19.

    4) Both the promiscuous and indiscriminately violent are lonely, with few friends for scarily similar reasons.


    *Smoke Break*

    (B) Men ought to be careful when choosing women “too hot, too crazy”

    Hardly anyone treats themselves worse than they treat others. In fact the oft repeated, modern(ized?) maxim, “Treat others how you want to be treated” is a shallow admonishment that blinds people to the nuances.

    a) People who treat others way worse than themselves on purpose or not are rightfully called selfish or self-centered
    b) People who treat others way better than themselves are rightfully called doormats and people pleasers (and they please everyone but themselves)
    c) People who are about average in treatment of self and others aren’t talked about.

    But if someone thinks themself so low that debasing themself deserves not even a second thought, it’s likely they’ll have the same thought process in their treatment of you.

    How did I do?


    *It could be argued that points 1-4 respectively are arguments, each in their own right. But I group them together as a framework that undergirds a senior argument.

  2. I think you describe the situation with regards to a hedonistic society, as well as individuals, quiet well in this post. I’m not sure i agree when applying it to individuals pursuing virtue and happiness (of the true and lasting, not momentary, kind). But a phone keyboard at the end of my lunch would take too long to explore my thoughts.

    If I don’t do so at a later time, you have my full permission to remind me here or through email Ace

  3. I rarely (almost never) find a bone to pick in anything i read here, but this:

    “Crazy girls fuck best.” Whew, boy do they. Why is that? They’ve so little self-worth that they’ll gladly debase themselves in any way necessary to be the victor in the sexual act.”

    …did not sit well with me. I think the issue is that my personal experience has not born this out. The craziest women I have been with were also frigid and/or extremely self-conscious in bed. The best sex I’ve ever had has been with women that were, if not “level-headed”, at least sane. Perhaps it’s that TYPE of crazy being referred to? I’m not sure.

    The other is the idea of “debasement” – your words above seem to imply that their willingness to “debase” themselves is part (even the primary part) of why the sex is so good – but why would we think of that which makes sex BETTER as “debased” or demeaning, degrading, etc? If a man and a woman have sex, anything which improves said sex should not devalue either partner in the other’s eyes, should it? If it does, was it really “better”, or just novel?

    A woman that is willing to do anything to please me (so long as it does not cause harm to her, or put her health at risk) is MORE valuable to me, not less. I do not look at her as being somehow “less-than” because of her eagerness; it speaks to her desire to please me, which is a positive thing, something I would associate with natural feminine submissiveness and passion.

    Now, I may be reading you wrong. If you are referring to some ONS throwing herself at me, allowing me to do whatever I want without regard for herself or her health, without even really knowing me or there being any possibility of a deeper connection having been established already (something that would warrant her behaviour), it makes sense. If I offered to go down on the first questionable party-girl that would have me at some dive bar, I’d be debasing myself, no doubt. That’s not the impression I got on my initial reading, though, hence my comment.

  4. thedeti Says:

    This is FANTASTIC. I’m often guilty of reiteration and regurgitation of things I’ve said over and over. But you’ve put a fresh perspective on things we all understand.

    Something that occurs to me with this:

    men lose the uniqueness that the next woman offers (at the very least).

    4} Casual sex is as much a ludicrous fallacy as casual violence. Both take significant, long term tolls on the mental health of the perpetrator. Dehumanization of others stems from both and dehumanizing others increases the individuals loneliness by orders of magnitude.

    It’s often said that casual sex injures women more than men. The injuries to women have been widely discussed. Roosh was one of the first to discuss casual sex’s negative effect on men as “player burnout”. Paraphrasing Roosh, he said words to the effect of “it’s all the same, the seduction is the same, the sex is the same, the aftereffect is the same, all the same, one woman is as good or bad as the next, they’re fungible goods”.

    When you boil it all down, he’s saying he doesn’t like or care about the women he’s having sex with. It’s often said that when men know the truth about female nature, it makes men hate women. But I don’t think it’s seething raging seeing-red hate. I think it’s really more indifference. It’s more that men knowing the truth about women causes men not to care about them. Not to care about what happens to them, and not to care about having one in his life long term.

    It causes men not to like women- again, it’s not so much lack of affinity for women. It causes men to lose appreciation for women – their unique femininity, their charms, their softness, the opposite qualities they have from men, that which makes them women.

    Men not liking or caring about women injures men in that it causes them to self isolate. It blinds them to things that are good and beautiful. And when men cannot see good or beauty, they soon lose the ability to see what is right and true, and thus leads to nihilism and death.

    Just my two cents. Take it for what it’s worth.

  5. Is everything okay? Not seeing a word from you in months is worrying.

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